Saturday, December 9, 2017

The gift that keeps on giving

What gives?
Can any of you actually remember
what you got last Christmas? While
I'm ashamed to admit it - I rarely can
recall what was under the tree. Either
that's a sign of complete decadence or
the early signs of dementia. Yet I'm not
worried because actually, I can walk
through my house and quickly identify
who gave me what - just not when.
So, is timing everything? Or could it
be as or more important to recall who
versus when or where or even why a
transfer of ownership took place?
Brief encounter
Why do we give gifts? Often it's out
of pure obligation. There be nothing
sadder than when giving becomes a
task not a pleasure. Or even worse,
a menial task. Today I battled, yes
digitally arm wrestled with Barney's
via their website. All I wanted was
to purchase the perfect present. Yet
the process of ordering kept getting
stuck on gift wrap -I tried and tried
but after fifteen attempts I gave up.
After all, shouldn't giving be as fun
as getting? Otherwise why bother?
Come on, get real
Next I tried Bergdorf Goodman. While
I do my best to shop locally - sometimes
one must go back "home" to a place they
know and love. My on-line experience
was nothing like business as usual on the
seventh floor. Once again, for whatever
reason I couldn't indicate "Gift Wrap"
nor write a gift enclosure. Then a pop up
arose asking me if I wanted to talk to a
"real person." Somewhat surreal, my
cyber buddy completed my transaction
to our mutual satisfaction. Oh the after
glow of a mission complete!
Mutual benefits
Both sides benefit when whatever
is given provides pleasure for both
parties. Barney's and cyber shops
aside, I find the actual process of
selecting the perfect gift beyond a
pleasure. That's because in reality,
I'm quite a selfish benefactor. Rather
than tailor my gift to the recipient,
I simply bestow something that I
personally want and adore upon
them. Not only is it easier,  but I'm
assured that whatever treasure that's
in the box is something to treasure.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Back to timing, I really don't think it
matters if somebody recalls the exact
time and date of transmission. Rather
it's the thought that counts. And every
time I look at something special given
to me by someone even more special...
I smile. The physical manifestation of
another's ardor is not only pleasurable
but a lasting tribute to one's gifting
experience. Who doesn't love being
reminded that someone loves them?
Whenever or however that happens,
what could be a better gift than love?