Thursday, December 21, 2017


Come and get it
One of the primary reasons to take any journey
is to see the sights. Simply cruising the waters
off Central America is a sight to behold. The
endless vistas of sea and sky are intoxicating.
Add the gentle roll as the ship overcomes the
waves and it's rock-a-bye baby! Yet doing just
about nothing is not the only reason for taking
this trip. Hence every day we'll drop anchor
at some port of call. All built on an isolated
shore by the cruise companies themselves.
And if our experiences to date are indication -
home to a bunch scams targeted to grab our
cash. It's like riding Pirates of the Caribbean!
Beggar's purse
Post purchasing tickets we were bombarded
with information about land "excursions."
Proving that at least in theory there is plenty
to do off the boat. E-mail after e-mail held
threats that we would be unable to book post
boarding the ship. An alternative "fact" a la
Trumpian fiction. Upon arrival our stateroom
was filled with mounds of literature. And after
a stop at the Concierge desk we were quickly
booked on two - just two jaunts out into the
great unknown.  Based Trip Advisor traveler
venom, we decided to plan nothing elsewhere
and see what happens. The adventure begin!
Road less traveled
Our first stop was Santo Tomas, Guatemala.
Well-grounded options included resorts,
mediocre Mayan ruins, banana plantations,
and rain forests. However research indicated
they were over-priced and not worth the cost.
Better to wait and see post arrival. A decision
that was affirmed by the rain that greeted us
upon awakening that morning. Fortunately it
stopped post our leisurely breakfast. Yet the
sky remained dark and cloudy so we decided
to stay close to home. Which meant a short
walk to some shops, restaurants, a dismal
beach, and then back to our city on the sea.
What's the rub?
Once back on our home away from home we
had some lunch. After a long nap I booked a
massage. Soon thereafter I stripped down to
be pummeled by a forceful gentleman for
over an hour. Post leaving our Canyon Ranch
Spa outpost, I returned at our cabin with an
armful of potions and several appointments.
Proof that these cruise lines are quite adept at
taking one for a ride. Whether ashore or on-
board, they find a way to grab more our your
cash. Thus "all-inclusive" has it's limitations.
Whereas when it comes to add-ons - the sky
is the limit. MORE IS MORE IS MORE!
Accidental tourist?
Yesterday we landed at Costa Maya, Mexico.
Then boarded a bus to see the Mayan ruins at
Kohunlich. However I must admit we were a
tad nervous. The day before a busload full of
cruisers on their way to ruins ran off the road.
Ending with a dozen dead, eight injured. So
the idea of paying mucho dinero only to meet
your maker far from home was unnerving. Yet
we bravely went on to see the site which was
well worth the trip. After lunch we were back
by four thirty p.m. Just in time to nap, shower,
dress, and have a cocktail before dinner. And
then see a show. Getting there is half the fun!