Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Post traumatic stress syndrome
As Helen Reddy once sang there must
be a time of reckoning post almost any
indulgence. Hence many are wandering
around in a daze this morning. Unlike
we who are cruising carefree they are
in a state of transition. Bits of spent
wrapping paper hide amidst the living
room carpet. Christmas cookie debris
is strewn across most kitchen counters.
And for some their garbage bag chimes
with empty bottles as they drag it out
to the trash. Finally and fortunately yet
another Christmas has come and gone.
Out of service
Having been there, done that for all of
our lives, Frank and I made a decision
to escape from the season. In fact we
didn't exchange presents which may be
the best gift ever! As we come to the
end our journey we plan to continue
to keep things in balance. Thus we're
staying close to home on New Years
Eve to continue our commitment to
avoid the vicious holiday cycle. Thus
far it's been much better than expected.
So what's stopping you from saying
HO- HO- NO? Are we Xmas infidels?
Back at you
After all we've been through during this
awful annum - we had to escape reality!
As with many men Mr. Trump's promises
of satisfaction have proved to be false at
best. The bloom is off his poinsettia with
a red alert that Don's sleigh carries a sack
full of alternative facts. Thus it's shouldn't
be a surprise that the majority of us feel
bit screwed this morning after. We may
still believe in democracy, yet much like
the North Pole Washington is populated
with polar opposites who seem incapable
of playing ball. Nobody has our backs. 
Present tense
Last Christmas a minority of naughty and
not so nice Americans got exactly who
they voted for under their tree. Said red
capped herring promised them renewed
greatness. Yet a year later they've yet to
see a lump of coal, pile of steel, or even
slightly improved healthcare. Instead we
were "given" a rushed and ill conceived
tax cut. One that benefits some but not all
at best. Therefore it's important to remind
Santa's elves of the tried and true adage -
"Be careful what you wish for,  because
you just might get it!" Who's sorry now?
Glass half full
Ultimately I've come to the conclusion that
experiencing disappointment is the best part
of being an adult. After our hopes or dreams
have been dashed upon the rocks of reality
we always end up in a better place. Whether
that's because we have to learn the hard way
or growth naturally occurs in that manner
doesn't really matter. Facing the facts may
be sobering however I humbly suggest that
whatever one learns from said bitch slap is
usually intoxicatingly illuminating. So...
don't be glum because your holidays were
rough. Believe it or not pain is the best gift.
Jingle all the way!
Just like us, many of you are also packing it
up and preparing to travel home post this
seasonal diversion. Now is the time to face
reality. Therefore as we enter the new year
it's important to celebrate all that we have
learned. If nothing else the events of 2017
brought us closer together. Confronted by
evil we now know exactly what we have
to do. With mid-term elections looming it's
time that every American step up and make
their voices heard. If for no other reason
that our democracy was built on a balance
of power. Let's grab 2018 by the balls!