Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Hot guys
I must have been an old lady in a former life.
That can be the only viable explanation for
my predilection to dial our thermostat up to
semi-tropical levels. Only to then periodically
exit the house in order to cool off on the front
porch. Nobody knows you better than your
better half. Hence it's not surprising that my
dear Frank's nickname for me is quite apropos.
"Two temp" perfectly describes my ability to
never be happy. Thus I either run hot or cold
and am rarely if ever comfortable. Causing
my one and only to suffer through as I boil or
chill depending on my climatic fluctuations.
Variable temperatures
Winter is very tough here in central Montana.
Especially when one lives in an almost one
hundred year abode. Our house is built out
of hollow terra cotta tile encased in stucco.
Therefore once it adjusts each season it holds
it's temperature. In the summer that means
a gloriously cool chill most of the time. And
during the frigid months of winter it holds it's
own in the mid seventies. However it takes
awhile to get there. Meaning that during it's
seasonal transition period it can be a bit chilly.
Unless you think that keeping your house like
a Kelvinator is appropriate climate control.
Some like it hot
Ultimately after about a week of running the
furnace 24/7 the house comes up to what we
consider a proper temperature. Fortunately it
stays where it's put from then on. In part thats
due to our energy efficient furnace and triple
paned windows. However once we've hit the
proper plateau there is NO turning back the
thermostat. For some that means our house
feels like a sweat lodge given a dead heat is
our base level for most of the winter. While
seemingly not frugal, we must maintain the
status quo as it would take weeks to regain
our composure post any downward turn.
Wheel of fortune
Our problem is those fancy "Nest" thermostats
that we put in. Selected for their style alone,
we'd no knowledge of their inability to obey.
You see, each of our nifty novelties is linked
to some sort of mega home base computer.
Said specter attempts to monitor our usage
and save energy if/when possible. Thus during
the initial phases of a winter season we must
battle it's natural inclination to lower the temp
in the wee small hours of each day. That's the
last thing we want so we turn, turn, turn until
finally it gives up and simply does our bidding.
Proving that technology is NOT our friend.
Cold hands, warm heart
Running hot or cold in a six thousand square foot
house can be challenging. Fortunately our fuel
bills are more than manageable. Once things are
under control they run quite smoothly. With five
zones we regulate hot spots while keeping other
spots cool when unused. Somehow it all works
for us. Even if at times one might assume that
we could cook a chicken by simply placing it on
our table. For now we're happy living in our hot
house. Soon it will be spring then summer. And
once again I'll be complaining about being too
torrid or frigid. Talk about running hot and cold.
No wonder some think I'm  high maintenance!