Friday, December 23, 2016


Double whammy
With Chanukah and Christmas aligning
this weekend, it seems we're all going to
be busy celebrating. This year we have
a houseful. Even if you love everybody
under your roof, shifting gears from two
to six (plus a pooch) requires a quite a
bit of adjustment. Over the years we've
all figured out how to actually enjoy our
time together. Which for me requires
rejecting my inner control freak. Going
with the flow makes everybody happy
especially me. Thus at least for this week
I'm doing whatever it takes to take it easy.
Tradition transition
Through the years one generation hands
over responsibility for holiday traditions
to another. At one time Christmas Eve
involved a big dinner prior to attending
mass. As our immediate familial circles
expanded we've contracted our plans on
the night before Christmas. Now each
family stays close to home rather than
rushing about. One tradition continues
in that our separate repasts are seafood
only. So I've ordered lots of crab cakes
and enough shrimp to feed an army!
Easy does it is my new motto!
Easy does it
This year we're hosting Christmas Dinner.
Historic family fare served up a melange
of Frank's parent's heritage. However I've
never roasted a goose nor perfected making
dumplings. While we've got Mom's recipe
for sauce, I'm not brave enough to attempt
to prepare her masterpiece. So this year in
honor of the Italians we're having the "best
ooey gooey rich lasagna" per our caterer.
All I have to do is pop it into the oven with
a big juicy ham. While unlike prior holidays
we've spent together, I intend to take the
easy route. Happy host = happy holidays!
In the spirit
All of this may seem lazy. Yet I prefer to
consider all of my compromises the best
way to avoid catastrophe! We've all got
more than enough holiday stress. So why
complicate matters and make it worse?!
Rather than explode and ruin the big day
I'm changing the rules so everybody wins!
As far as I'm concerned that's the best gift
anyone can give themselves for Christmas.
So rather than stick to tradition I'm doing
whatever it takes to actually enjoy this
holiday season. And that includes having
our caterer bake us two fabulous cakes!
All together now
Making things easier this holiday is still
going to be hard for our family. Our first
Christmas sans Frank's beloved Mother,
Pearl will no longer be sitting at our table.
Yet she will be firmly entrenched in all of
our hearts. As are my parents and all who
we've loved and lost. Keeping it simple
enables us to focus on what's important.
While the pomp and circumstance of the
season are lovely, theres nothing more
beautiful than enjoying our time together.
So whatever it takes to ease your burden,
celebrate family, friends, and fellowship!