Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Never say never
It seems that whenever I'm finally more than
comfortable in my groove, something bitch
slaps me into reality. Complacency has never
been my strong suit. Nor has patience. Thus
once deeply entrenched in any comfort zone
my natural inclination is to exit the premises.
I really can't explain this evolutionary inkling.
Except to say that theres nothing I like more
than learning something new. As a student of
life there is no better form of education than
broadening one's horizons. Which bodes the
purpose of today's missive. You see... I just
accepted a new position in New York City.
Oh know...
Before you say it... I know! Yes - I said that
I was "retired." However note that quotes
were used whenever I've said so. Frankly
I'd NO intention of going back to the daily
grind. Thus even while still considered a
somewhat viable commodity, this sedentary
soul was perfectly happy doing... nothing.
To be clear, I haven't been bored. In fact
I've been over stimulated. For almost three
years I've shifted to a variety of new and
exciting influences. During said hiatus I've
savored every single minute. Reconnecting
with the man I'd once been, once more.
How firm a foundation
This decision has NOTHING to do with
Lewistown Montana. Living full-time in
rural big sky country has not disappointed.
Everyday I look around and say the same
thing "I am blessed." Between our home,
the surrounding scenery, friends & family,
NOTHING has disappointed. Fortunately
for me, I was welcomed with open arms -
the ultimate gift for a jaded city slicker
like myself. The folks of central Montana
have taught me to be humble, patient, and
occasionally... ornery. All of which have
made me a better man. I am so grateful.
My blue heaven
Recently I became acquainted with a retailer
quite different from my prior affiliations. It's
owned by a group of venture capitalists and
is an off-price chain located primarily in the
mid-Atlantic states. At this point I'm unable
to disclose who this new company is until
further announcements are made. Recently
rebranded -  their stores offer a broad range
of goodies from family apparel to footwear
to jewelry to handbags to home furnishings
to pet supplies to food and other sundries.
All sold at shockingly low prices. This is
something this shopper simply can't resist.
Upside down
You may question a foray into the "bottom
feeder" category. Given I'm a lover of the
good life, one could assume that passion
would transition into my professional life.
However nothing could be farther from the
truth. I love selling stuff. And within our
current retail climate, one of the select few
categories of business that are growing are
off-priced discounters. So, given I tend to
spend quite a bit of money myself why not
opt to go where the money is? Don't worry,
Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys are not
losing this customer! I'm loyal to the end!
The perfect combination
There is an art and science to retail marketing.
Within said repertoire are a plethora of tried
and true processes. In essence, once someone
learns the tricks of the trade, they can be used
to sell anything. Thus I'm more than excited
to share my knowledge and experience with
an organization that's eager to utilize all of my
knowledge to move to next. My new firm's
leadership team is planning a very aggressive
growth strategy within the next two to three
years. And fortunately for me, they've invited
me to help them spread the word about their
highly engaging and profitable retail chain.
Home alone
All of which means I'm taking another hiatus.
For the next few years I'll be living full-time
back in Manhattan. Given said city that never
sleeps is in my blood, I'm happy to return my
roots. Yet said short term move is not in any
way an indication of a wavering commitment
to Lewistown, Montana. My heart and home
will always be in the heart of Montana. As
before, Frank will remain primarily based in
Lewistown - about sixty percent of the year.
Whereas I'll come and go back to this place
I adore as frequently as possible. I can't and
won't let go. My hope is you'll bear with me.
Repeat engagement
Obviously money is a motivating factor in
this decision. With additional resources we
plan to continue investing in Lewistown.
I'm fairly certain this will be my last "gig"
in the world at large. Thus I'm going to do
my damnedest to keep things in balance
for a few years. Our new apartment is just
a block from Central Park and Bergdorf
Goodman. Our old stomping ground, both
Frank and I know the ropes along with the
best restaurants. So our transition should
be seamless, painless, and easy given our
neighbor Mr. Trump is leaving town!
Old dogs, new tricks
Periodically we all must make hard decisions.
This new chapter in our lives didn't come easy.
It required seriously considering our options
and choosing the path best for us. And while
I worry about what it's going to be like to re-
enter the workplace, I'm confident that we'll
quickly transition back to reality with ease.
Deep in our hearts we know this is the right
decision for both Frank and myself. And that's
what's most exciting about this new chapter
of our lives. These two old dogs are bound
to learn some new tricks. Even if we have to
jump through a few hoops to do so.