Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Don't be caught out in the cold

Chill pill
It's no wonder I detest the month of December.
Yesterday the thermometer barely made it over
ten degrees here in rural Montana. And in fact
it sunk well below zero overnight. However
while the best place to be is in front of a cozy
fire, theres no rest for the weary. Like it or not
the holidays are upon us. Thus I'm trying to do
my best to remain focused and ahead of Santa's
onslaught. Given we're all in this together, this
elf thought it might be helpful to provide a few
gentle reminders. In the end the greatest of all
holiday gifts is when we've completed our lists.
And can finally relax and enjoy the holidays.
Post haste
Have you mailed your holiday greetings? Now
I realize that most under the age of thirty or so
are perfectly happy receiving a text. However
in our modern age of immediacy, some relics
of times long gone are the best way to show
that you care. Little makes me happier than
receiving a personal post via the mailman. A
handwritten message affirms that I'm loved by
those near and far. And is absolutely so much
more touching than any cyber message will
ever be. But do us all a favor, make sure to
hand address those envelopes. Otherwise I'll
just might be forced to label you as an infidel.
Near or far?
Try as I might, I can't shop in advance. Thus
for the past few days I've been searching for
the perfect tidbits for those I adore. Happily
I've done the majority of my shopping right
here in Lewistown. Our merchants on Main
Street have filled their stores with the most
charming and unique of gift options. But if
one must order on-line, I suggest you do so
NOW. Otherwise you'll be caught short by
out of stocks or exorbitant shipping fees.
That's why once I've found a good item, I'll
give it to several people on my list. At least
this Santa says the more the MERRIER!
All tied up
Little says you care more than a beautifully
wrapped package. And yet nothing could be
more tedious than doing just that. We've got
a store room filled with boxes, paper, and
ribbon just for this purpose but my problem
is actually using the stuff. Rather than cut
and paste I prefer to let someone else wrap
things up for me. That's why I frequent our
local Lewistown merchants. As they did in
olden times they wrap for free. Therefore
shopping local means Santa's job is easier.
And your money stays here in town where
it belongs. It's the gift that keeps on giving!
Getting to home base
If you're like me your friends and family
live far away. In order to have something
under their tree one must ship from here
to there. Little is easier than click n' ship.
Yet as indicated above, I prefer to spend
my money close to home. Thus like Santa
once I've found the perfect gift it must be
shipped out as fast as I can. UPS, FedEx,
or the Post Office are ready to take it off
your hands. But you need to get it there
in time to get it there in time. All one has
to do is hand it over... NOW PLEASE!
So exactly what are you waiting for?!
Late bloomer
Finally if you haven't already, go green. That
is grab the perfect tree, garland, and wreaths
before they're gone. Procuring a proper pine
is more challenging than it seems. Some like
to play Paul Bunyan and cut their own. While
others climb up to the attic, drag down a box,
and build their own. This year we're going
down to the corner lot to select the best of
whatever they've got. Given I'm a traditional
sort of fellow, we won't deck our halls until
the weekend before Christmas. That's the
only way to keep it real and be as fresh as
one can be. BETTER LATE THAN...