Thursday, July 14, 2016


Off the beaten track
We've talked about this phenomena
before. In theory it's easy to live
rather anonymous lives. However
years ago dear friends suddenly
realized that our world was rather
diminutive. As they stood on the
train platform in Tokyo they spied
their Chicago neighbors standing
across the tracks. Holding no ill
will they waved and quickly went
about their ways with nobody the
the wiser. But what if either had
actually had something to hide?
By the book
Last night we discussed "swopping"
with a friend. While we all did not
subscribe to such flip flops  - a few
in rural Lewistown apparently want
more than they can get at home and
easily find others of a similar ilk.
Random encounters aside, I find it
baffling that they can do so sans not
getting caught. In theory what one
does between their sheets is their
carnal knowledge. Yet at some point
such dabblers may make a proposal
to one who prefers to gossip not...
Going my way?
Living in an isolated community one's
options are limited. However when it
comes to mischief the odds are usually
against you. How one does anything in
secret is an enigma to me. Years ago
when my Mother was still alive she'd
often dial up shortly after we'd exited
our premises. "Where are you going?
Susie saw you driving out of town."
Here in Lewistown word travels fast.
So even before you've gone everyone
is talking of your comings and goings.
How do some stealthily steal away?
Double trouble
If honesty is the best policy then its
a wonder why some secretly strive
to escape reality. Isn't it wiser to face
reality rather than be caught with our
pants down? While some get a thrill
out of subterfuge, sadly in the end
everything catches up with everyone.
Meaning that at some point playtime
ends and one must face the facts. In
truth silently living a lie only defers
the inevitable. Deceit cheats all who
are involved of their chance of being
happy. Why can't some tell the truth?
Right this way
Who are we fooling but ourselves? In
the end fact usurps fiction, and so it's
better to be honest with oneself and
others as soon as possible. You can't
hide the truth beneath a proverbial
bushel or you'll just become a basket
case. When one strays they only find
heartbreak along the road to reality.
Crossing over to the dark side only
defers your chance of avoiding crisis.
Ultimately it's best to tell the truth
even if it hurts. And before the rest
of us start talking... because we will!