Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Gone fishing...
It has oft been said that houseguests are
like fish. After three days they suddenly
stink. During the summer Lewistown
becomes the central Montanan equivalent
of mecca. People stream into town so that
they can reconnect with their past, escape
reality, and commune with nature. Which
means that our guest rooms are booked
with friends and family. All who hope to
accomplish the above and more. As of
today my eldest daughter "E" and family's
stay extends beyond the three day limit.
And so... we're getting out of town.
Fire alarm
Often a change in location can defer
a crisis. Not that any have occurred
thus far. We've been having the time
of our lives together. Yet it's best to
divert one's attention in order to best
avoid disaster. So, we're going up to
the family cabin for two days! Going
wild in the great outdoors is not my
normal mode of escape. However I
love going to a place where there is
NO cell phone service, the stars shine
bright, and one needs a fire at night.
Thus we're on the road to paradise!
Stop n' shop
There are times when it's best for all of
us to escape reality. While a week away
may be the best solution, sitting along
a stream taking a nap can take you to a
better place. Many of us get swallowed
up in the mania of everyday life. Thus
its important that one frequently reward
oneself for a job well done. Whatever,
however, whenever that is - any detour
from life's woes often helps one solve
them more quickly. Be that via a cold
cocktail, book, nap, stroll, or... quick
flip of the racks at Bergdorf Goodman.
Blue heaven
You see, even if you think you can handle
everything that's on your plate, chances are
you're not at your best. Burning the candle
on multiple fronts only propels on onto an
accelerated departure. People have been
known to work themselves to death. In my
opinion the stress related to simply trying
to survive is what usually gets one in the
end. Thus it is my firm recommendation
that you occasionally stop, look, and listen.
I realize I've said this before but I'm fairly
confident you've been too busy to hear me.
Tell me... why can't you pause to deflect?
Anywhere but here
Do us all a favor - stop pretending you're
a super hero. Given there are those who
might miss you should you suddenly opt
to exit the premises... RELAX. While
passion is most certainly a beneficial
character, many sex addicts succumb
simply from exhaustion. So listen up
friends - kick back, relax, and try your
best to do absolutely nothing. That's the
best way to ultimately succeed. Equally
important, listen to what you're gut is
telling you. And if it says leave now...
get in the car and go! See you soon!