Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Magic show
Yesterday my neighbor "M" - a transplant
to Lewistown turned to me and said "We
truly are lucky to live in this magical place."
Even after living in Lewistown, Montana
full time for over two years - there are still
times when I suddenly stop, look, listen,
and marvel at all that surrounds us. Here
in central Montana summer is if nothing
else glorious. Low humidity, cool nights,
gentle breezes, and a blue sky that seems
almost endless. Most important, lots of
space and few people which is most
certainly what makes this place unique.

What a wonderful world
However I have to confess that I've felt
equally blessed gazing upon other places
I've lived in. I still remember a summer
evening years ago at my second home in
rural Michigan. As I put my two youngest
children to bed a breeze blew the curtains
and filled the room with a fragrant mix of
fresh mown grass and alfalfa. I still recall
morning walks along the Marginal Way
in Ogunquit Maine as the sun rose. Or
dining al fresco in Manhattan on white
truffle linguine as the steam rose from
the pavement post a brief summer shower.

Room with a view
In hindsight I've lived or experienced
many magical places. Often what was
most special about those moments in
time was the combination of silence,
peace, and introspection. Such brief
interludes allow us to step back and
truly see our world for what it is - a
beyond beautiful place. Wherever,
whenever, however we connect with
a time and place, a moment of clarity
enables one to appreciate what's been
there all along. That's because we lack
the vision to see the here and now.

Basic instinct
For whatever reason we all wear some
sort of blinders. Whether due to stress,
self absorption, or any other form of
distraction we can't see the forest for
the trees. Thus rather than appreciate
what we have we zoom past it in search
of something we think will be better.
Some of my most vivid memories are
if nothing else rather ordinary. Yet in
those moments when we stop to pause,
we often discover that simplicity is
what leaves a lasting impression. And
remains in our hearts for a lifetime.

Here and now
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thus
true happiness awaits any and all who are
ready and willing to see it. Whether that's
the crunch of an apple or the soft coo of a
mourning dove in the distance - the beauty
of life is everywhere. One simply has to be
willing to open their hearts to the things in
life that truly matter. It isn't about where
you are. Rather what's important is where
one's head is. Our individual perspectives
color our worlds. Hence amazing things
are ours for the taking.  All we have to do
is be ready and willing to see them.