Friday, July 22, 2016


What an ass
I have to confess something. Up until
just recently I've never been politically
oriented. Please don't get me wrong,
I've certainly had to navigate my share
of politics within the corporate arena.
However not until the last year has
such maneuvering extended beyond
the office. For most of my adult life
I've been rather comfortable with our
political process. Raised in a devout
Republican household, I've moved
from far right to the mid left. And I'll
even confess I voted for Ross Perot!
Born free
Being required to align with any group is
challenging for me. Mostly because my
beliefs derive from a plethora of personal
lessons learned along life's way. Therefore
the idea of embracing another/s position
out of blind devotion is alien to me. Like
most I've fluctuated back and forth due to
a variety of external factors. In part I was
rather delusional based on a comfortable
and confident upbringing. Then I realized
that I was prejudicially being denied my
equal rights due to my minority status.
And that most certainly got my attention.
Full of bull
Hence my recent plethora of political
rants and raves may seem bothersome
at times. Part of me wants to apologize
yet I've no desire to beg for forgiveness
when it comes to demanding what is
rightfully mine. Many of my readers
have no idea what I'm talking about.
That's because nobody is aggressively
attempting to limit their rights to their
equality. You all live your lives as you
choose. All with little fear of retribution.
Whereas people like me still worry of
what the future may or may not bring.
Puppy love
I can't quite explain to you how unnerving
such uncertainly is. After years of being
summarily denied my rights I suddenly
was made your equal last June 25th. Post
having lived the majority of my life as the
odd man out, it was quite a phenomenal
feeling. Suddenly I fully understood what
I had been missing. You see much like any
victim of abuse, I had conditioned myself
to expect ill treatment and thus accept less.
Which makes the reality that some in high
places want to take it all away even more
terrifying. Is our world truly dog eat dog?
Beef stake
My angst is beyond personal. It affects me
to the core. Leaving me uncertain as to who
is for or against me. In truth I really feel no
need to involve others. Nor do I feel the need
for your endorsement of who I am. Rather I
simply want to live my life exactly as you do
sans all differentiated penalties or limitations.
My hope is that as long as we all play by the
rules of our land - we can live happily ever
after. However what if that's not possible?
How would you feel if somebody else had
the power to give and take what in theory
should be rightfully yours and yours alone?
Trunk call
It wasn't me who drew the line in the sand.
All that I have done is react to the attacks
of others who only intended to harm me.
The fact that you may have been caught in
the crossfire is unfortunate. Yet making
sure that you clearly understand the issues
at hand is a necessary evil. While nothing
may change for you, my life just may be
dramatically altered. Therefore as long
as some continue to fling flaming arrows
I must protect myself and others like me.
Which just might just include your friend,
sibling, relative, or child. You never know.
Love the one you're with
You see prejudice or purposeful exclusion
don't hit home unless you know someone
who has been adversely impacted by the
actions of others. Nobody chooses to be
LGBT. Arguments aside as one who is
naturally one or the other, I can't control
who I am. Hence most if not all probably
know somebody who matches the criteria
intimately. So do us all a favor, take any
attack against the freedom of those you
care about very seriously. It's OK to get
angry. Most important do whatever it
makes to protect those who you love.