Thursday, July 7, 2016


Open door policy
Summer is the season when Montana
becomes mecca. Far flung family and
faraway friends escape to Lewistown
for a visit. Some with no idea of what
they may discover. Last summer "D"
arrived in a state of shock only to ask
"What do you do here?!" After a few
days in the area she didn't want to go
home. Thus it's often hard for guests
to say goodbye. Whether that's due to
their hosts or accommodations is still
questionable. All I know is that we do
our best to make our guests HAPPY!
Room service
Having stayed over the years in hotels
and homes around the globe we know
what helps make one's stay as pleasant
as possible. We're still working out the
kinks at the Passion Pit but slowly our
two guest suites are transforming into
other's home away from home. Be that
only for a maximum of 2-3 days please!
The following is our punch list of tried
tried and true accoutrements. And while
we've no intention of striving for a Trip
Advisor rating, we strive to make sure
our transients enjoy their brief respite!
Make up call
Given we spend at least seven hours daily
in bed, it's important to make it properly.
Therefore when you sleep in our bed you
can be assured that your linens will be
cool, calm, and crisply pressed. Once
our guests finally lay down their heads,
it's upon as many pillows as needed as
we supply two per patron. Whether one
runs hot or cold, multiple duvets and
throws are available to keep our guests
covered. After all, the last thing a host
wants is for their guests to wake up on
the WRONG side of the bed!
Cool, calm, and collected
As you may recall, I'm tend to be a bit
personally challenged when it comes to
climate control. Here in Montana it's a
rare day when air conditioning is ever
needed. Hence for most of the summer
we open our windows nightly to chill.
However for those unable to acclimate
to our Montana climate we provide a
box fan and portable air conditioner.
Guests can use either for a quick blow
job anywhere. And given one usually
takes a vacation to blow off steam our
helpmates insure they keep their cool!
On a roll
When it comes to the guest bath, one must
be prepared for anything. Over the years
we've acquired more than our fair share of
hotel toiletries. Thus our guest bath vanity
drawers are full of sorts of fresh freebies.
Under the sink awaits a bottle of nail polish
remover for the ladies. Fresh towels hang
ready and waiting plus more sit stacked in
the closet. Along with at least a dozen rolls
of toilet paper. Two water glasses sit atop
the sink while a carafe of water awaits on
the nightstand. All insure that our guests
are clean, groomed, and hydrated!
Closet case
I don't know about you but I immediately
unpack upon arrival. Somehow spreading
my stuff around a strange place makes it
mine. Our guest room closets have lots of
hangers and a luggage rack awaiting your
arrival. Each guest suite dresser has empty
drawers ready to be filled with a transient's
togs. In addition we provide elements of
civilization such as the latest magazines,
note pads, stationery, writing implements,
et al. And for those who lead a paperless
existence, a card notes our high speed wifi
address and password so you can check in!
Counter culture
Post arrival guests receive a tour of
the kitchen in order to identify the
key hot spots including our butler's
pantry bar. Each night before turning
in I set out the coffee beans, grinder,
French press, and mugs on the kitchen
counter. Half and half and sugar also
stand close by. All ready and waiting
so that no matter how early our guests
awaken, they won't incur an incident
of caffeine withdrawal. Goodies sit
under glass for those who can't wait
until a real breakfast is on the table.
Start your day right
Depending on who is visiting we usually
offer any interloper a hearty breakfast.
Given most are either former residents
or cowboy wannabes, we make certain
that it's Montanan in nature. One local
delicacy is "Side Pork" which is simply
sliced uncured bacon - pure pork belly.
Akin to a uber thin pork chop, it's fried
and liberally salted and peppered. Add
organic free range eggs freshly plucked
from a nest a day ago, some fresh bread,
and locally made Chokecherry jam. One
must fuel visitors for a day full of fun!
It was fun while it lasted...
What's most important is that any host
spends the time necessary to be ready
BEFORE their guest's arrival. Once
newbies are in the house it's all about
them - not your "to-do" list. Gracious
hospitality requires that we create an
air of carefree indulgence. Meaning
one's guests must never see us sweat.
Quickly it will be time to say goodbye
therefore ALL must enjoy the pleasure
of their company. Such memories will
insure one has few reservations after
friends and family have checked out!