Saturday, July 2, 2016


Summer vacation?
Recently roue' readership has dropped
off a bit. At first I'll admit I was rather
freaked out about it. What had I done?
Did I jot off something offensive? Or
were my miscellaneous musings not as
amusing as intended? Slowly I figured
it out. Summer has arrived and hence
many of my faithful readers are either
on vacation or too busy to read. In hind
sight prior years experienced a drop in
readership during the summer. Thus at
least in theory I have nothing to worry
about. And yet... I do about everything!
Out and about?
One of my primary concerns are my
followers in the Ukraine and Russia.
Much of my slide in numbers is due
these once loyal readers vacating my
premises. Given both countries have
GLBT issues -  I immediately jumped
to conclusions that their loss was due
to the sinister scrambling of my blog.
Then I stopped to realized that much
like Montana, they have a very short
summer season. Are they finally out?
Or could it be that something I said
was lost in the translation? Ви там?
Gone fishing?
If I consider the kind of life we lead as
an example, it's obvious why nobody
is sitting at home. Our weather here in
central Montana has been glorious over
the last weeks. Suddenly Lewistown
has become is now a veritable outdoor
playground. Our social calendar alone
is booked solid with commitments,
houseguests, meetings, and road trips.
Therefore it's understandable why many
of my local readers are simply too busy
to roue'. The good news is that come
winter, I'll still be here and so will you!
Enough already?
However what if I've offended you? Or
even worse, bored you to distraction?
Either way I must admit that I'm feeling
a bit lonely on this end. Do you still feel
the love? I know that the current national
(and local here in Lewistown) political
climate has us all a bit skittish. Many
friends and family are opting to avoid
said dangerous territory by refusing to
discuss politics and religion. However
I write about whatever is in my mind
and so I can't avoid the obvious. Hence
at times I go there and drag you along.
Slippery slope?
I've never been adept at practicing self
control. Especially when it relates to
matters of the heart. From day one this
blog has been a vehicle for this author
to work through whats churning in my
head. In truth it's quite self indulgent
which makes me all the more grateful
for those of you who are willing to
come along for the ride. However I'm
highly opinionated and drawing a line
in the cyber sand of this blog helps me
formulate my reaction to the here and
now. Which at times can be a bit rocky.
Anyplace but here?
While we may be safe and sound here in
the American heartland - the rest of this
world is living in the midst of turbulent
times. At any moment their lives could
literally explode. Uncertain times almost
invariably invite angst. Thus for now this
roue' must continue to use this venue as
a vehicle to process my reaction to our
world's trials and tribulations. And so
for those of you who are still reading,
my deepest thanks for hanging in there.
And to those who've taken a hiatus -

The lovely photograph of the Judith River shown
above was taken by our talented friend Jeana Noel.