Thursday, June 16, 2016


Curbed enthusiasm
After a week back on home turf, any
vestiges of escapism have long worn
off. Lewistown is abuzz with all sorts
of construction. The railroad overpass
is gone as massive roadwork is being
completed near the airport. Sidewalks
and street corners are being renewed.
On the edge of town new enterprises
arise - Tractor Supply soft opens this
week as construction on the Stockyard
restaurant progresses at a rapid pace.
All while our amazing new community
pool finally opens on the twenty third!
Same old news
Thus from every appearance one would
assume that our community is definitely
on the upswing. However, after reading
a month of back issues of our local paper
I can't help but wonder if our forward
momentum will continue at such a rapid
pace. It seems that many locals prefer to
limit our options or even take us several
steps back rather than leap forward. It's
hard to separate fact from fiction as all
are screaming for attention. Does any of
this arguing get us anywhere? When did
we become our own worst ENEMIES?!
Urban warfare
Underneath all of our obvious forward
momentum lies a mine field of rumor
and innuendo. This subtle yet pervasive
cancer is slowly crippling this town's
chances of getting to next. After years
of addressing ill founded accusations
our City Manager resigned. Post many
contentious meetings, our Government
Study Commission opted to ignore the
majority and put an alternative form of
governance on the November ballot. It
seems we're not happy unless we're all
causing a fuss. And what do we gain?
Anyplace but here?
Within Fergus County at large the tail is
wagging the dog. Major opportunities to
encourage and promote tourism abound.
Yet county leaders seem to be doing all
it takes to make sure things stay as they
are. Local ranchers protect their turf but
care little if said efforts prohibit this city
that is home to more than 50% of Fergus
County's population from growing. As
they bemoan that our downtown is dead
a fleet of UPS and FedEx trucks deliver
Amazon goodies to their doorsteps. It's
all about them... and little about "us."
Pioneer spirit
Change is inevitable. However all of the
nastiness and noise associated with said
transition has to stop. That's because in
the end the only people getting hurt are
ourselves. Or to be brutally honest - the
future generations of our offspring who
opt to remain close to home. The original
founders of Lewistown and Fergus County
were willing take risks to achieve more.
Their bravery, fortitude, and foresight
should be honored and emulated. What
would they think of our shenanigans?!
Let's stop shooting ourselves in the foot!