Saturday, June 25, 2016


How sweet it is
After over two weeks back home,
our life has returned to normalcy.
Meaning that we're back to our old
tricks. I'm honestly happy to be in
my home sweet home. And while
theres no explanation as to why I
prefer the mundane to exotica it is
what it is. However in the end my
personal nirvana is a self contained
existence within a limited sphere
of influence. Even with occasional
explosions  and surprises, its still
a very peaceful place of my own.
Ready or not...
Each of us defines "home" differently.
When it comes to our individual concept
of happiness the gap between you and
me widens even more. Many spend their
lives searching for the sweet spot. Yet
so often the answer is closer than they
think. You see, I'm convinced that bliss
quietly lies in wait between the here and
now. More than just a state of mind, it's
the willingness to embrace the beauty in
all that lies in wait around us. Wherever,
whenever, however it capriciously opts
to appear. Are the best thing in life free?
Breath of fresh air
Yesterday the skies suddenly opened
and soon the air was filled with the
aroma of fresh rainfall. Standing on
our front terrace I couldn't help but
be swept away by it's scent. Given
a dramatic drop in temperature also
accompanied this smell fest I quickly
opened the windows throughout the
house. Suddenly all was right with
the world and it was as if time stood
still. All that I could think about was
how blessed I was for being able to
luxuriate in the here and now.
More than you know
While I adore beautiful things, I am now
fully aware that they provide absolutely
no added value unless they're put in some
sort of context. As I set the dinner table
last night, I paused and reflected. One of
my greatest pleasures is sharing my life
with Frank. Everyday we grow closer
and even after over twenty one years, it's
better than ever. What I find most special
are those times when I realize just how
lucky I am. Whether it's a sudden glimpse
of his profile while driving, the touch of
his hand, or the pleasure of his company.
Doing what comes naturally
Most attempts at forcing happiness are
futile at best. One must stop and smell
the roses and embrace whatever comes
our way. Magic happens when we least
expects it. Yet many try to force their
way to a better place. As if purposeful
mirth or strategic indulgence could ever
usurp serendipitous happenstance. If we
are brutally honest when looking back
at our lives, what's often memorable are
moments of infinitesimal normality. So
could it be that we already have all that
we need and more?
Wake up call
As you may recall, I lost a friend recently.
Post the news, an equally shocked friend
and colleague called to commiserate. We
bemoaned such a loss of someone at such
a young age. "N" waxed eloquently about
the need to enjoy each moment of every
day given life is indeed short. Yesterday
another friend texted to ask if I'd heard
that "N" had died. Beyond incredulous,
I suggested she had confused one for the
other. Sadly soon it was confirmed that
yes indeed, "N" had exited this world at
too young an age. Fate had struck again.

Day by day
Who knows what motivated "N" to
pick up the phone and dial. All that
I know is that he gave me in essence
a going away party. As we chatted
the miles and years melted away.
Now that he's gone, his laugh, wit,
and whimsy remains afresh in my
heart. What if I'd been too busy to
pick up that call. Once again reality
reminds us that we must cherish life.
And while the very idea may seem
rather maudlin, it could all be gone
in the blink of an eye...