Saturday, June 18, 2016


Basic instincts
All things artistic have always played
a key role in my existence. As a tot I
was deemed "artistic" given the only
thing that truly made me happy was
drawing. Hence there was no place I'd
rather be than deep in the bowels of the
school in the "Art Room." I still recall
it's intoxicating scent of crayons mixed
with tempera and piles of gray bogus
paper. Somehow I felt safe in said haven
far away from school yard bullies or pop
quizzes. Within said oasis I was special,
unique, and hence validated.
Creative genius
As you might expect, I was a handful.
Therefore disciplinary action was often
required. So much so that at one point
the principal informed my parents that
I would "never amount to anything."
Fortunately my salvation was via an art
teacher named Charles Szeglin. He saw
something in me that other's couldn't.
And post taking me under his wing, he
nurtured my innate creativity which has
since driven personal and professional
fulfillment. Thus the arts have always
been an invaluable element of my life.
Group dynamic
Two years ago I joined the Board of
the Lewistown Art Center. Founded
in nineteen seventy by local artists
and art lovers it has since nurtured
and promoted the arts within Central
Montana. Our key programs include
exhibitions, educational programs
for both kids and adults, and a gift
shop from which the majority of
proceeds go directly to the artists
themselves. After almost a half a
century, it's creative efforts continue
to inspire and illuminate Lewistown.
Red light district
Creativity is often a catalyst for change.
Throughout this country the arts have
been a key driver in the renaissance
of urban centers. Here is Lewistown
along with our Art Center we already
have several art galleries downtown.
Over the last year a group of artisans,
musicians, and performers led by the
local artist Carol Woolsey have come
together to form the Lewistown Arts
& Entertainment District. It's purpose
is to find ways to transform the heart
of our city into a creative epicenter.
Artistic license
Last night the Chokecherry Lane atrium
was filled with supporters for the kick
off of this group's fundraising efforts.
One couldn't help but be inspired by the
art, crafts, music, and performances that
were presented throughout the evening.
As a representative of the Lewistown
Art Center I spoke of how our purpose
perfectly aligns with this new group's
efforts. Plus the Lewistown Downtown
Association and it's merchant members
will also benefit from this infusion of
creativity. The more the merrier!
The art of Montana
Art is the emotional expression of the
creator's vision of a time and place. It
inspires all who interact with it. True
creativity takes us to places we never
imagined. Artistic license enables us
to see possibilities in the impossible.
Lewistown's Art & Entertainment
District designation transforms our
challenged downtown into Montana's
masterpiece. Together we will create
a work of art for art's sake. Inviting
a stream of art lovers to view, shop,
dine, and stay in our innovation zone!