Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Over and out
I must admit that as we leave Portugal
I'm more than a bit depressed. It's not
because we're departing one of the more
charming places we've visited. Rather
because I'm fully aware that the world
is a very mediocre place. Well, at least
as indicated by it's inhabitants. The fact
is that the majority of humans are slobs
with virtually no standards as to what
constitutes proper attire. At this point
I'm beyond over seeing people standing
in the most elegant of places wearing
shorts and tees. Frankly it's pathetic!
Lost in the translation
Whatever happened to decency?! More
important have we lost any inkling of
pride in ourselves? Last night Frank
and I went out to dinner suitably attired
in sport coats. WE WERE THE ONLY
ONES. Why? If one assessed the value
of our togs, it wasn't criminal. Thus the
ticket of entry to civilized garb isn't the
barrier. Rather it's the skill, willingness,
knowledge, and self awareness to dress
the part. Sadly few seem to enjoy nor
understand the art of dressing for the
occasion. Timing is everything!
Mowed over
Our world is shrinking at a rapid place.
The differences that make each of us
who we are seem to be evaporating due
to an influx of mediocrity. Rather than
aspiring to achieve more, most seem to
be happy going about dressed as if they
might be ready to mow a lawn. Which
bodes the question - what are they really
thinking? Comfort is most certainly an
admirable goal in most things. However
subjecting the rest of humanity to what
is the equivalent of our nighties 24/7
seems cruel and unusual punishment.
Barely there
The fact is everybody looks the same.
Whether German, African, French,
Italian, English, American, or even...
Portuguese. We've all sunk to such
sartorial lows that it's obvious we've
collectively surrendered to a level of
slovenly self indulgence that's at best
embarrassing. Have you no pride?!
Why even bother to travel someplace
new if you've no intention of dressing
the part? Wouldn't it be better to stay
in the privacy of your home and nap
in your comfort togs ALONE?
Western influence
There is one benefit to traveling with
a bunch of slobs. Suddenly the crowd
back home looks pretty good. While
Lewistown locals rarely dress to the
nines, some still wear a bit of the west
upon occasion. Such indigenous dress
differentiates our place in this world
from others. Which in theory makes it
all the more special. Part of me wants
to turn up the volume on our Roy and
Dale Rogers ensembles. Happy trails
to all who wear something that's out
of the ordinary! Giddy up cowboys!
Dress for success
With global tourism looming upon the
horizon, everyone in Lewistown needs
to do their part to create a memorable
impression. Therefore I beg you to step
it up and celebrate what makes Montana
Montanan! Rather than look like every
one else - dress to impress. People travel
miles to make memories. And trust me -
a pair of tight Wranglers, cowboy hat,
and some boots can transform anybody
into bronco buster! Most cowboys look
pretty damned good from afar - even if
they're old or bald upon closer inspection.
Knock outs
We all want what we can't have. A need
to experience the extraordinary is what's
fueling global tourism. If we want folks
to visit us for a spell then we had better
ante up a unique experience. We've got
all of the elements ready and waiting in
Lewistown. We all must do our part and
dress the part. So please strut your stuff
and pony up your style quotient. People
are watching and trust me... they've got
lots of cash in their pockets that's ready
to be put to good use. Dress for success
and let's get a leg up on the future!