Friday, October 2, 2015

There are NO free rides...

Price of entry
Why are some people so damned cheap?
Honestly the art of bartering, bargaining,
or battering for goods holds no appeal.
At this point I've figured out that with a
few rare exceptions there is never a free
ride. Therefore unless you're dealing
with an idiot - one gets exactly what they
pay for. Nothing more, nothing less. And
if one willingly pays less for less you're
automatically guaranteed to get exactly
that... LESS. So why does it seem that
everybody complains about how much
things cost? What do you value MOST?!

Location, location, location
Here in Lewistown most folks moan
about the cost of food. Given theres
just one grocer in town, they charge
as much as the market will bear. Yes,
it's expensive. However some of the
most vociferous of protestors are folks
who've recently moved here. Honestly
there's no comparison. Elsewhere one
is closer to major agriculture. Thus
the expense of transporting goodies is
substantially less. That's means where
one is impacts the price one pays...
So why is that so hard to understand?

Fill 'er up?
I've done my homework. On-line
I compared Albertson's newspaper
circular advertised sale prices for
our local store, Williston ND, and
Oakland Park Florida. PRICES
Sales aside, I'm not saying that
regular priced goods aren't less
where you are. Basically the cost
of getting food from here to there
makes it cost more. You may save
in Billings or Great Falls but break
even once you factor in your gas.

Quality versus quantity
For me it's important to put my money
where my mouth is. Hence I'm willing
to invest in organic produce and quality
cuts of meat. Others seem quite happy
ingesting foodstuffs that are sub par or
below because they're cheaper. While
I can't help but wonder if said discount
shoppers knew what, where, or why
their edibles were so much cheaper -
they might spend a bit more. For me
eating a 100% beef hotdog rather than
nibbling on a wiener filled scary stuff
is worth the difference in investment.

Cut to the chase
However what surprises me most is
how often people grouse about the
cost of dining out. While some may
find the dollar menu at McDonald's
alluring, it's really not very good for
you. The only way a restaurant can
effectively deliver a blue plate special
for under $10 is to scrimp and save.
In other words they cut the quality in
order to give you more... for less.
Isn't it better to have a 6 oz. filet on
your plate rather than a slab of suet?!
After all, you are what you eat...

Asset management
The same applies to many goods beyond
consumables. Rarely is that "deal" worth
the difference. Inferior quality is the key
component to cheap pricing. Therefore
once again, you get what you pay. I'm all
for frugality but foolishness at all costs
only compromises one's quality of life.
Therefore every buyer must beware.
That means making sure that whatever
ends up on your plate, body, or within
one's abode must be worth the price of
entry. After all, aren't you worth it?! If
you don't take care of yourself who will?