Thursday, October 15, 2015


Love song
It's funny how music strikes a chord.
Personally I find the song "You Must
Love Me" from Evita (talk about gay)
rather evocative. The melody, lyrics,
and specifically Madonna's rendition
resonate deeply within me. Click here
to listen...  NOW STOP. At this point
I'm certain some of you are beyond
incredulous at the idea that I somehow
find this aged diva relevant. Thus most
of my dear readers are eager to ask -
What does Madonna have to do with
Montana?! The answer... follows...
Doing what comes naturally
Let me explain. Initially my life was spent
doing what was expected  and therefore
"right". My choices were driven by a need
for acceptance and approval of OTHERS.
Slowly I figured things out. The biggest
lesson I've learned thus far is that I must
do what is right for ME. Living only for
others NEVER WORKS - in fact it hurt
everyone else more than me. Hence...
the question is can Greg be Greg while
living in Lewistown, Montana? In the
end reality has proved it's easier than
any of us ever expected! Imagine that!
Lack of depth perception
Not everybody fits in therefore I'm not
alone. Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor
HATED being "stuck" in the Bahamas
during WWII. She didn't care that the
world was LIVID given she'd stolen the
heart (and throne) of King Edward VII.
As far as Wallis was concerned it didn't
matter nor that many worried that Adolf
Hitler was her buddy. Her only concern
was that her silver, china, linens, were
hidden in storage behind enemy lines in
France. What could be more shallow?!
Yet what's important to some may not...
From here to there 
You see, it's easy to get your priorities
screwed up.  Unless you're willing to
shift your focus from flip diversions
to empowering transformation - one
can easily be bitter. Millicent Rogers
had it all. Filthy rich AND beautiful -
she wasn't happy. In the mid 1940's
she came upon a small adobe in the
New Mexican desert. There in Taos
she found her groove and went on to
become a champion for Indigenous
People's art, history, and rights. Only
to die well before her time.
Mountain standard time 
I relate much more to Millicent
than Wallis. You see, I believe
we each control our own destiny.
Everybody makes choices. And
nothing can change the course of
one's life more than ill conceived
notions. The key to happiness is
making the decision that's right
for you and no one else.  In the
end other's opinions don't matter.
Hence every day that I look at the
Judith mountains I know I'm in
the right place... for me. WOW!
Back to the future
The older I get the more I respect the
power of my "gut". That deep, inner
voice never steers me wrong. I know
that ultimately living one's truth is the
secret to success. Sounds easy - but
it's hard to stop and listen to what your
soul is saying. One must allow for the
time and space to enable destiny to
happen naturally. Everybody can find
their personal Montana - discover the
place where it's easiest to be true to
yourself. Where is your paradise?
More important - are you there yet?