Monday, October 19, 2015


Basic instincts
There is a reason for everything.
If nothing else we humans are adept
at rational thought. The outcome of
which is a purposeful reaction to all
phenomena. If it's broke, we fix it
or alter our behavior to counter all
that is askew. Said process is rather
natural and hence many of us can't
control our Pavlovian reflexes. I am
unable to sport a poker face. Hence
when confronted by the alluring or
repulsive, one can easily see how
I feel and where I stand on the issue.
Dumb or dumber?
The fact is I don't suffer fools very well.
Actually, not at all. My reference to fools
has nothing to do with ignorance. If some
one is willing to learn, I find nothing more
satisfying than helping them do just that.
What I can't abide is stupidity especially
when it's combined with arrogance. Some
think they know it all and in most cases -
nothing could be farther from the truth.
In order to grow one must be willing to
fuel their database with new knowledge.
In truth nothing is set in stone. There are
no guarantees and everything will change.
No fault insurance
We all evolve. Shifting and changing
as we gain wisdom through experience.
Yet many prefer to live in the past -
holding others accountable for errs
made long ago. Everything at one
point was a moment in time. Hence
whatever happened then... might not
happen now. Why blame anybody
for trying their hardest or doing their
worst? It is what it is - if and when it
happens. The truth is whatever it was
will never happen again. Therefore
life goes on and like it or not so do we.
Moving target
Some of us are never happy. We're our
own worst critics. Being everything to
everyone and losing ourselves along
the way. No job is ever good enough.
We push ourselves in ways that leaves
our happiness hanging in the balance.
Tweaking, massaging, and questioning
every nuance. Whether said search for
excellence is worth the time and effort
is questionable. Yet in the end striving
above and beyond one's comfort zone
invariably leads one to a better place.
Only you know why it took so long...

Creative license
Recently dear "C" passed this along -
"If people knew what Matisse,
 supposedly the painter of happiness,
 had gone through, the anguish and
 tragedy he had to overcome to
 manage, to capture that light
 which has never left him, if people
 knew all that, they would also realize
 that this happiness, this light, this
 wisdom which seems to be mine,
 are sometimes well-deserved,
 given the severity of my trials."
                                    Henri Matisse
Wings of courage
The fact is that most of the beauty
in life is the result of failure and
success. Part of our education is
reacting to an endless barrage of
positives and negatives. Ultimately
with age we come to the conclusion
that we wouldn't have had it any
other way. Rather than blame others
for our trials and errors - we deeply
thank them for the illumination that
always accompanies good and evil.
Once again proving that yes, there
is a reason for everything...