Thursday, October 8, 2015


Wake up call
One must admit that Baby Boomers
have a rather indefatigable spirit. No
matter what others think we're still
in charge and eternally young. Come
hell or high water we're never going
to get older or at least in our eyes...
look older. Since tots we've dressed
to the nines and taken good care of
ourselves. That's because the LAST
thing we ever want is to be "old" like
our parents. Thus paunchy, permed,
or parsimonious are simply not part of
our purposefully limited vocabulary.
Wait and see
It's always been about us. Therefore
why would it be any different now?
Millennials aside - we're in control.
And much like Queen Elizabeth au
deux, have no intention of handing
over the scepter to an idiot. Even if
he is our offspring. We've worked
much too hard and long to allow
anything to disrupt our world. And
so, if you haven't figured it out by
now... we're struggling with the very
concept of aging and... letting go.
Thus we're holding onto everything.
Baggage claims
They say if you can remember it -
never wear it. However that doesn't
seem to stop Boomers in our race
towards immortality. Somehow my
generation never developed a sense
of propriety. Thus we don whatever
the trend dictates often with rather
unfortunate results. While wrinkles,
bumps, and sags are theoretically
symbols of longevity, we prefer to
rid ourselves of that old baggage.
Why travel with Samsonite when
one can jet set with Bottega Veneta?!
Puff n' stuff
Slowly I've come to the conclusion
that my peers are rather delusional.
As one ages so does our world. Our
parents have become our children.
My kids may soon be changing my
Depends. We think we look much
the same as we've always (maybe
better) - however a reality check
confirms that fantasy is NOT fact.
So we puff, fill, and freeze our faces
in an effort to stem the tide of time.
Which simply makes all of us look
like over stuffed and shiny clones.
Repeat performance
Somehow there's good in all of this.
As a somewhat retail guru, I talk to
people all over the world about the
state of shopping. The other day I
came to the realization that part of
our consumer malaise is due to pure
and simple rebellion. Few want to
wear the same label as their mothers.
And given we Boomers still proudly
trot about in every designer brand
imaginable - it's no wonder our kids
want none of it. That's because
they're making our world theirs.
From the lips of babes
At some point we're going to have to let
go and hand over the reins. Oddly, most
of those following us seem reluctant to
assume responsibility should we pass
the baton. Could it be that just like us -
the last thing they want is to turn into
their parents?! And yet, that's exactly
what happens as life goes on. The older
one gets the wiser their elders become.
Not a day goes by that something that
my parents said isn't proven right. The
difference is that I'm finally ready (and
able) to listen. Too little... too late.
Onward and upward
Who knows what our grandchildren
will be like? They may go back to
the future and consume as much of
this world as possible. However my
hope is that they'll be melange of all
of their forefathers. A compilation
of the best of our best. While history
may repeat itself - let's hope they've
learned from our mistakes. And so
it's time that we Boomers let go and
enjoyed the pleasure of being "us"
sans any need to prove something.
After all, what's done is done!