Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Reinvention: Home-OH-phobia

Fine tuned 
Since moving to Montana I've spent little
time watching television. Believe it or
not, not working is a full time job! Yet
when I do tune in, my viewing habits
seem to be limited to PBS (Downton
Abbey), Netflix, or HGTV. For obvious
reasons I've been consumed with home
renovation. Whether it's two brothers
transforming dumps or the odd couple
loving or listing, I can't seem to watch
enough. And while the Passion Pit could
have filled several seasons of a reality
show, I can't help but stay tuned in.
Urbane renewal
In my fantasies, I could be a flipper.
However there's a harsh reality to
any dream. The Passion Pit has been
a labor of love and an act of insanity.
We've made decisions based on our
gut rather the return on investment.
Transforming a hovel into a home
is a journey. Along the way there are
highs and lows. The problem is some
of us don't know where and when to
stop. It's the detours that often drain
your patience and pocketbook. Yet
I'll admit, it's one hell of a joy ride!
Ripe for the picking
As I've thought about next, flipping
a house here in Lewistown is an
obvious option. Given the local real
estate market is rather limited, so are
the options. Oddly those that appeal
to me seem to fail to attract interest.
For over a year an old stone house
has been available for less than fifty
thousand. There's little left to save
given it's gutted. And while location
is important, it sits on the corner of
a commercial thoroughfare. Oh and
did I mention it's probably haunted?
Flip flop
The truth is my dream house may
be the your nightmare. Which is
exactly why I should never "flip
out." You see, any pro will advise
that whatever you do must appeal
to the local market. Yet I'm fairly
certain that were we to invest in
another property, our ideas would
do anything but that. Whatever
we envisioned would most likely
be out of focus. There's probably
some magic formula to all of this,
but I'm no Merlin. So I'll pass.
Love for sale
Another new career option is a realtor.
I can sell anything. The question is, do
I want to? Part of their role is to deftly
help you make the right choice. Frank's
cousin "M" was one of the best. After
her first Passion Pit tour, she stopped
and said "You know what you're doing
don't you?" I affirmed my insanity and
we both moved on. If candor is the key
to real estate success, why would you
ever listen to a proven loser even if he
is licensed to sell. Better to move on
rather than consider a career in realty!
Change in programming
Architecture, decoration, and renovation
are my passions. I've got my pick of all
sorts of viable projects up and down our
Main Street or elsewhere here in town.
However, if I am fully aware of anything
it's my limitations. Hence I simply won't
blow my wad chasing a dream. Rather
than stay close to home a major reno
might require my re-entry into the work
force in order to refuel my finances. One
dream house fulfilled is more than enough.
Therefore if I flip over anything - it will
be on TV. Tune in to see what happens!