Saturday, January 24, 2015

A reason to celebrate

Private party
If nothing else I love to entertain.
Welcoming people into our home
is the ultimate expression of love.
Therefore we don't do it often.
Years ago I learned that treating
your home like a banquet hall or
cocktail lounge benefited no one -
especially you. Caring and sharing
is only effective when it involves
family or close friends. Otherwise
it's a waste of time. Tonight we're
celebrating "J's" thirtieth birthday
and that... is reason to celebrate!
Time flies
I have never really liked birthdays.
Somehow the concept of celebrating
the advance of time seems foolhardy
at best. Why tempt fate? However
there are seminal times when said
passage of time marks a transition
to "next." By the time you're thirty
you're no longer a child - you're a
bonafide, experienced, and possibly
jaded adult. Hence the need to mark
said event with some sort of official
celebration. And what better place
to do it than at our humble abode.
Home cooking
I'm blessed to have Frank's family here
in Lewistown. Now that my parents are
long gone and my children far flung, it's
wonderful to have his extended family
nearby. Sadly I've been unable to host
many of my children's key birthdays at
my table. While I try to visit those who
are speaking to me on their birthdays,
a restaurant bash is never the same as
making a special dinner for those you
love. Happily, my youngest "M" was
visiting Dallas over her twenty first,
Pampering her was such a pleasure!
Pour it on
Every celebration involves some sort
of special libation. However I must
confess that while there will be a bit
of the bubbly waiting on ice, I won't
be sipping any. I've never understood
the allure of champagne. It simply
doesn't pop my cork. That said, most
of the ladies adore the stuff. Hence
we'll offer that along with anything
else that suits a girl of honor's fancy.
I enjoy playing the role of bar keep.
Nothing helps keep everyone happy
than liberal doses of lubrication!
Grande finale
Who doesn't crave a sugar high?
Hence every major event is usually
accompanied by some confection.
In my youth an elaborate cake with
candles always took center stage.
However later on my preference
was pie - either strawberry rhubarb
or Boston cream. Tonight's guest of
honor shares my affection for pastry
versus cake. She's offered up several
"favorites" for consideration and the
end result turned out quite lovely. I
can't tell you what it is - SURPRISE!
Last but not least
Frank's family considers anticipation
the most important part of a birthday.
Whoever we're celebrating must wait
until the end of the day, after dinner
before opening their presents. While
I'm not sure I like deferring pleasure,
foreplay can be pleasant. Fortunately
for all involved we've neither a piano
nor have I retained an exotic dancer
to pop out of the cake. Therefore
opening gifts plus some cognac will
be the evening's climax. Now that's
something to celebrate! YAHOO!