Thursday, January 29, 2015


The mirror crack'd
Age is not kind. When I look into the
mirror I often wonder where that dew
drop I once was has gone. Suddenly
life puts it all in perspective. And for
me, that bitch slap involved soaking a
few hours in a geo thermal pool filled
with retirees. Suddenly all of my angst
over aging was gone. I was surrounded
by men and women holding in their
tummies until fully submerged. Once
aging is put into a group context, you
realize that we're all in this together.
And that getting old is not for sissies.
Death sentence
Aging is inevitable. As a boomer in
theory I'm infallible - a never aging
ingenue. However in fact I'm an old
guy with mucho attitude. Perception
is reality but I'm delusional at best.
Thus it's affirming to be surrounded
by one's peers. Suddenly all bulges,
scars, sun damage, wrinkles, and
flab don't seem all that bad. Age is
relative and from what I saw at the
pool at Chico Hot Springs - we're
all on the same path to destruction.
Why not relax and enjoy the ride?
Above bored
With time comes wisdom, yet often
we can't see the forest for the trees.
A dear friend (sorry but no names)
queried me recently. Did she need
a brow lift or not? My answer was
a strong and emphatic "NO." When
one fiddles with whatever God has
given you, nothing is ever the same
afterwards. So why would anyone
so lovely even consider trying to
improve on nature's bounty. Isn't it
better to face reality, show a little
mileage, and strut your stuff?
Check out time
I'll admit that post early "retirement"
embracing one's impending demise
only gets easier. Life prepares us for
death in so many ways. Helping my
parents transition through their final
stages made me fully aware of how
much assisting is required to move
into assisted living. Now that Frank's
folks have done the same thing I'm
scouting out adjacent apartments for
their my better half and I. Before we
know it, we'll be checking in prior to
checking out. It's part of life's cycle.
Time marches on
There's really nothing to worry about.
If one believes that ultimately souls
are recycled, chances are you'll have
another chance to figure things out.
We all move on. Where, when, and
how is up for grabs. Orchestrating
one's journey with confidence rather
than resistance is the only way to go.
The restraint required to transition
with dignity is challenging. However
I've learned from the best and hence
in theory am ready to face whatever
comes my way - without a face lift.