Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A case of extreme exposure

Opposites attract
Often we want to be anyplace but
where we are. For many reasons
the grass seems greener elsewhere.
However if one waits patiently for
a bit, your outlook may become a
bit brighter. I'll never understand
why we all just can't stay put. But
I do understand the need to escape
whatever one's reality is. Somehow
a change in scenery refreshes the
soul particularly if it also warms
one's bones. The question is will
it be any better any where else?

You're getting warmer...
With all the talk of global warming,
some worry winter will soon be but
a memory. I'm not a scientist yet it
seems that winter is going nowhere
soon. Two weeks ago we got over
two feet of snow on top of a foot
here in rural Montana. Now for the
past few days some areas have been
breaking records with highs in the
low sixties. Meanwhile Manhattan
was hit with a winter storm and
over a foot of snow. It seems you
can't even trust the weatherman...

Winter of our discontent
When you deal with snow daily
nothing phases you. We've lived
in Chicago, Minneapolis, and
now Montana. So trust me, we
know all about the white stuff.
However when Mother Nature
dumps a huge amount in a small
amount of time, it's impossible
not to get buried. Manhattan is
even worse given most get from
here to there on foot. Clearing the
way is challenging when there's
no place to get rid of the residue!

Much ado about nothing
Out here we just keep on driving
(four wheel drive) in a blizzard.
Most locals act like nothing is
happening and continue on their
merry way. Be it pioneer spirit or
an inability to embrace reality, it
somehow it works. Whereas on
the East Coast a flurry or two is
forecast and the city shuts down.
That might make sense given
population density but honestly,
isn't stopping the subway silly?
Is it now snowing under ground?

Southern exposure
Many will do anything to avoid
snow. Hence they escape south
to places that hold little appeal
for me. The weather is lovely,
but the sprawl reminds me of
suburbia not nirvana. I am not
ready to sacrifice all that I love
for some senior city in the sun.
If one must escape, there are
plenty of places closer to home.
Given we had a full house of
workers this week, Frank and
I drove south to Pray, Montana.

Take the plunge
Since 1900 Chico Hot Springs has
been warming folks up. This off
the grid resort features two pools
warmed naturally to one hundred
and three and ninety six degrees
year round. There's hiking, riding,
dining, and drinking also. While
not The Sanctuary on Camelback
nor the Golden Door in Escondido,
one can even get a massage and
other spa treatments out here in
the middle of no where. Who said
we weren't civilized in Montana?

The road less traveled
Hidden across the Treasure State
are treasures just waiting to be
discovered. We may be under
developed with no population.
However we rather like things
sparse. That way the few of us
who are lucky enough to live
here keep it all to ourselves.
Whether winter, spring, summer,
or fall - it's always amazing. But
please, don't tell anyone... let's
keep Montana our little secret.
Why not visit Florida instead?