Thursday, January 8, 2015

Reinvention: Basic instinct

Bare facts
I spend a lot of my time at my desk
on the computer. Most of said time
is spent communicating via written
word. Could the answer to my work
quandary be sitting before me? Like
it or not, I like writing and once it's
down on "paper" what's said is said
and on the record. The anal retentive
part of me likes that finality. That's
because nobody can misquote or
misrepresent whatever I've spewed.
It is what it is. The raw truth out in
the open for all to see and... read.
Flower power
I first discovered "creative writing"
in my teens. My teacher was a lady
named Faith. The ultimate hippie -
she was an aquarian vision of long
locks, granny specs, Birkenstocks,
Indian blouses, all enveloped in a
cloud of patchouli. A true free spirit,
she inspired, motivated, and educated
in a rather blithe manner. And to this
WASP boy - she was exotic beyond
all imagination. Most shockingly...
she never shaved her arm pits. Words
couldn't express my newfound love!
Literary circle
One Christmas she invited our class
to a party at her home. That beyond
charming lair was in the rear of a
decaying eighteenth century manse.
I was transported to another time and
place. Candles burned everywhere
which looking back was rather risky
given a season's worth of dried weed
hung from the rafters above. Then
someone pulled out a guitar. Soon we
were all sitting in a circle singing folk
songs. It was as if Judy Collins was
in the room. How groovy was that?!
Out of circulation
Shortly thereafter I shifted my focus to
art. My initial years as an art director
were spent behind a drawing board in
educational publishing. Then a friend
invited me to join his family firm -
a venerable religious publisher. Soon
thereafter my sphere of influence grew
to include editorial responsibilities.
While I can't imagine what they saw
in me - slowly I started to realize that
I was as adept with words and images.
In hindsight my problem was I wasn't
comfortable with what was published.
For the record
Soon I shifted to the mad world of
advertising and the line between
church and state was firmly drawn
as related to writers versus artists.
Hence beyond a headline or two,
the bulk of my literary output at
this time was limited to writing
memos and once computers and
the internet  appeared... e-mails.
Communication is most certainly
lacking in most corporations. My
ability to clearly spread the word
became my competitive edge.
I hear voices
Over the years many people have told me
that I ought to write a book. Given all that
I've lived through, facts might read like
fiction! Instead one day I started writing
a blog. You see, my life has always been
an open book. Sharing highs or lows with
others has not only helped me, it seems to
benefit those listening. Thus channeling
my inner voice into written form has now
culminated in a quite enjoyable creative
outlet. Most important, it's for pleasure -
and not a task. If it ever became a job or
burden - I would put down my cyber pen.
Free to be me
Writing is a skill that I will continue
to leverage but I assure you, it will
never be my vocation.  The corporate
world likes to transform amorphous
souls into square pegs that in theory
fit into square holes. Could that be
what's wrong with the business of
doing business? Creativity lies deep
within all of us. Our ability to morph,
reinvent, and innovate is waiting to
be unleashed. I won't be labeled and
hence must write off becoming only
a full time writer. Enough said...