Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'm not that stupid

Been there, done that
Some of us must learn the hard way.
And in my case, that's me. Yet once
said lesson is learned, I rarely need
a refresher course. The best way to
get to next is to move forward, NOT
backward. Yet so many get stuck in
a repetitive state of purgatory. Rather
than gain from their losses, instead
they wallow rather than rise above it.
At this point in my life, I have little
patience for fools. And what could
be more foolish than abusing oneself
again and again. What a waste...
Blind leading the blind
I most definitely have a really long fuse.
Given the chance to give you another
chance, I'll provide redemption for as
long as my patience allows. Then all of
a sudden, the realization that no matter
what I do isn't going to help said victim
of circumstances snuffs out my fire. And
then, that's it. No more. Done. Finished.
If that sounds cruel then so be it. But as
the saying goes - the first time shame on
you - the second shame on me. There's
no reason to play the game if neither of
us is going to win. I don't have the time.
Sorry, wrong number
Some of you must think I'm a fool.
Otherwise you wouldn't continue
to trot out the same routine time
and time again. I've heard that sob
story before so I know how said
sad tale ends. Let's cut to the chase
and get to the point. NO. I'm not
going to allow you to do the same
thing to yourself for the thousandth
time. At some point adults have to
act like adults. So, if my abstaining
from sustaining is the wake up call
required - please put me on HOLD.
If it's broken, fix it
As a man with a compassionate heart,
I'm more than glad to help. However
please understand that I do not suffer
from short term memory loss. If my
attempts to fix something don't help -
rather than continue to poke digits
into your dike, I must step aside and
let someone else attempt to stem the
tide. When the odds are against me,
I'm old enough and wise enough to
embrace my limitations. And even if
it took almost a lifetime to figure that
out, this old dog has learned a new trick.
Baby steps
So please - grow up. Do what's best for
yourself and take responsibility. Stop
blaming everyone else. Stop asking for
help when we both know it isn't going
to help anyone - especially you. Most
important, let's leave well enough alone.
Don't poke a stick into this bear's cage.
Do whatever you must do and hopefully
someday we can laugh about whatever
happened. In the mean time, I've had
enough. So please, don't call or write
unless you have something new to say.
Oh and by the way... I LOVE YOU.