Friday, April 10, 2020


The good, the bad, and the ugly
Good Friday starts the Pascal weekend.
Meanwhile Passover ends next Thursday.
Soon Ramadan begins. Normally most
of us would be on our best behavior. And
given our current coronavirus crisis we
should behave ourselves. However some
assume religion guarantees redemption
from viral woes. A rather confusing idea
given even the most pious of us still get
sick and will ultimately die of something.
Hence rather than let Satan or sanity defer
them from worship they plan to gather en
masse. No matter the consequences.
Good to go?
Why do bad thoughts happen to good people?
What tends to cloud their perception of reality?
Deluding them enough to endanger both their
health and that of others? Assuming that God
created this earth why wouldn't Covid 19 be a
part of said package? Why deny that God has
a hand in this? That a higher power does not
want to teach us a lesson? Is it possible that
there might be some value by stepping aside
from the mess we've gotten ourselves in? Has
our assault on our world finally come back to
haunt us? If God is all knowing, does he want
you to host a big Easter dinner this year?
Goodness gracious
Often it's hard to see the good in times such
as these. However we cannot let bad times
take advantage of us. All the more reason to
do whatever we can to be good. To do what
is right for all involved. So why shouldn't
we do our best to rise to the occasion this
Easter weekend? Our natural inclination is
to celebrate with family, friends, and those
of like minds. However this year we must
behave unnaturally. To reject tradition for
the common good. And isn't that just what
religion is all about? So please, whatever
you believe (or don't) be good this weekend.