Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Are we there yet?
As with any grieving process, time is of the
essence. Day by day our family is adjusting
to being left alone. Yet we are not the only
ones. Most of the world is amidst a period of
adjustment. The coronavirus crisis causing
most to hunker down. And within said hiatus
step back and consider our priorities. Oddly
former priorities see silly in hindsight. Thus
involuntarily limiting our options has now
led to reconsideration. The question being -
where do we go from here? Can we return
to "normal" or embrace our involuntary
evolution. Can we end up in a better place?
Go to the devil?
One hopes for the best. However it seems that
challenging times haven't brought the best out
of all involved. Yes, some have grown closer
from afar. Social distancing enabling many to
regroup and revive relationships. To set aside
our differences and leverage this purgatory
for the good of all involved. Then again there
are others who have used this crisis to their
disadvantage. Doing what comes naturally.
Which for them means anger, bitterness, and
resentment. Along with attempting to blame
everything on anybody else. Opting to churn
and burn rather than... learn and grow...
Safety first
Ultimately why are we be surprised? The war
between good versus evil is part of our human
experience. Hence life naturally flows via the
push and pull of conflicting priorities. Some
will continue to play by the rules, while others
purposefully break them. Obviously we ALL
make mistakes, however rash decisions put us
all at risk. To err is human, to forgive divine.
It's been proven that fools rush in where angels
fear to tread. Hence any return to normalcy
must be orchestrated by those who have our
best interests at heart. Otherwise we'll lose in
the end. And what's more normal than that?!