Saturday, April 25, 2020


"Physician" heal thyself
Who knew? Apparently our President has
a doctorate degree in delusion. Even when
surrounded by medical experts he has to
exert his authority. Hence he can't help but
correct, counter, or corrupt every attempt
to treat our ills. Now parcelling out medical
suggestions based at best on fantasy. Good
intentions aside such insanity endangers all
foolish enough to follow his advice. Adding
to  the chances of a viral outbreak in which
someone foolishly injects or ingests Lysol or
bleach. Or having their time in the sun rather
then embrace liberal attempts to save them.

Poison pill
Ludicrous medical theories aside, a much more
malign phenomena threatens our country. Such
as the spread of virtual blindness within Mr.
Trump's avid acolytes. Confronted by absolute
insanity they accuse anybody who challenges
his quackery as "fake news." Normally living
in denial is somewhat sustainable. In times of
infectious tomfoolery we ALL must inoculate
ourselves against rumor, lies, and innuendo.
Never before have facts mattered more. Nor
has it ever been more imperative to seriously
approach the Covid 19 challenge with extreme
caution. Rather than risk death by stupidity.

Miracle cure
Amateurs by definition are incompetent.
Thus it's best to keep one's conspiracy
theories to themselves. Instead focusing
on the crisis at hand. Everybody craves
a miracle cure. However good intentions
aside Mr. Trump is neither qualified nor
capable of providing an instant antidote
to Covid 19. Leaving him but one remedy.
Which is to let the experts, those with the
proper knowledge, credentials, foresight,
and bravery to guide our way. Hence my
prescription for what ails him is to shut up
and step back from the podium. Ending his
brief medical career before he kills us.