Monday, April 27, 2020


Yes and no
Who knew that we would all be literally living
that old Ella Fitzgerald hit? "First you say you
do, and then you don't. Then you say you will,
and then you won't. You're undecided now so
what are you gonna do?" Nowadays everything
is a bit confusing. And depending on what one
opts to believe, there are lots of exceptions to
every rule. Or as my Mother used to consider
my pleas to the contrary - weak "excuses" at
best. Hence some of us sit and stew while others
hit the beach. Many wear masks while a few try
to mask the facts. No wonder nobody seems to
know what they're doing. Exactly what is what?
Neither here nor there
All of the above would be funny if it was not
true. Especially not when health is involved.
The only thing we seem to able to agree on
is that we're all sick and tired of being home.
Causing some to rebel in the oddest of ways.
Or decide that gambling with their lives and
ours is worth the risk. Our problem is that few
if any of us know exactly what that means. In
that no one has clearly articulated the risks
involved. So like lambs being led to slaughter
we return to a semblance of "normal." While
ignoring the Covid crisis in a rush to regain
any momentum lost during our forced hiatus.
Sooner or later?
So who is right? Has this all been a "hoax"?
Would the fifty thousand plus family, friends,
and neighbors who have died of something
exited anyway? In what other crisis would
we ignore the expert advice? Is that brilliant
or idiotic? Sadly, we may have an answer to
those questions in a few days or weeks. Just
maybe, nothing will happen and we'll be fine.
Or... thousands more will die because some
of us needed a haircut or manicure. The only
thing that's certain is that we are "undecided
now." Hence life goes on. Or at least we hope