Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Gotta blow?
Even the best of us fail at social distancing.
Even amidst this crisis, we've continued to
sell antiques via the internet. Yesterday we
had some lovely french chairs delivered.
The same carrier also took a desk and two
nightstands off for delivery in Portland,
Oregon and Elko, Nevada. Said gentleman
is an extremely nice guy we have come to
know and trust. So it wasn't until he had left
that I connected the dots. He's been driving
all over the country. From city to city. And
who knows who he has come into contact
with? So should I go into self quarantine?!

Odd man out?
Maybe I'm being too cautious. Some skeptics
might suggest that I'm over reacting. However
in times like these better to be safe than sorry.
So if I'm serious about this time out I would
have to be home alone for fourteen days. Far
removed from the world at large (and Frank).
The odds are I wasn't infected. That there is
absolutely nothing wrong with me. If only
I could pop up to the local hospital and get
a Covid 19 test. However given test shortages
and strict protocol that's not going to happen.
And so I sit and fret. As a Covidian sword of
Damocles looms over me ready to cut me out.

Out and about
With images of isolation dancing in my head
I decided to do my homework. So I logged
onto the CDC website and worked through
my angst. A handy questionnaire answering
all of my questions versus raising even more.
So rather than being forced to hunker down
all I have to do is calm down. Stop worrying
about poisoning those I know and love. And
instead simply keeping my social distance.
Thus instead of going crazy, I will continue
to keep calm and steady. Even if the world
seems to be going mad. No wonder I feel a
bit ashamed. I just made a fool of myself!