Monday, April 6, 2020


The other white meat
I've oft stated "Men are pigs but
I love pork!" One may adore the
male species yet abhor gentlemen
most specious. Many men of power
freely act like spoiled brats. They
get their way by doing whatever
necessary to insure their "success".
Collusion, payoffs, deception, and
deceit aside - the root of their evil
is usually the man himself. Hence
the reason that we the people are
now mired in a political pigsty of
one compromised man's making.
Public indecency
Occasionally ashamed of my sex -
I'm disgusted by President Trump's
boorish behavior. As we teeter on
the edge of extinction his weakness
is endangering us all. Obviously he
isn't up to the challenge. But what's
worse is that his megalomaniacal
tendencies prohibit anybody from
seizing the moment. Of righting his
wrongs. From helping us navigate
the crisis at hand. Hence we wallow
like pigs in his political mud waiting
to be put out of our misery.
Caught in the middle
The weakest of men are driven to over
compensate for their limitations. Their
mania fueled by a need to aggressively
flaunt their competitive edge against
all odds. Even a worldwide pandemic.
Rather than face reality, Donald Trump
continues to swirl. Dragging us down
with him in a deluge of rumors, lies,
innuendo. and falsehoods. His warped
sense of pride numbing  his heart. All
as heroes tiptoe around him. Trying to
help despite his efforts to the contrary.
All as Americans die of Covid 19.
Dog eat dog...
If you lie with dogs you'll get fleas.
However lying isn't always the best
way to be top dog. Usually honesty
is always the best policy. But now
in such a life or death situation it is
all the more important. We need true
leaders - not Mr. Trump's lap dogs
to show us the way. So rather than
allow some reality TV ham to hog
the White House podium, it's time
for him to step aside. And finally
allow true experts to show us the
way out of this. Before it's too late...