Tuesday, April 14, 2020


But who know where or when?
Prior to this I've suggested that these times
are the modern equivalent of purgatory or
limbo. Which means in essence that we're
neither here nor there. Thus depending on
how one opts to consider our circumstances
we're sort of safe in suspended animation.
Or poised on the brink of something worse.
As with all things human, we each come to
our own conclusions. Hence as hundreds
die daily in one state, others suggest that
we reopen our schools. Such a dichotomy
normally doesn't phase most. But nowadays
the difference could mean life or death...
Pause buttons
Amidst our current Coronavirus crisis making
any decision isn't easy. Reaching a conclusion
in the context of conflicting priorities is harder
than one might expect. Normally when one we
love is ill we rush to their bedside. However if
they've got Covid 19 you can't do just that. As
for other ills - traveling to visit your beloved
might require a fourteen day quarantine. Thus
FaceTime could be your only option. For now
familiarity breeds contempt. So six degrees of
separation is all we're left with. Overt caution
being recommended - all we can do is sit and
wait for answers. Even when nobody has them.
Sooner or later
Who doesn't love immediate gratification?
Normally it's easy to achieve. But now all
has changed. The status quo is no longer an
option. Few if any of us have the answers.
Thus what is of upmost importance is doing
whatever possible to stem the tide of such a
viral menace. On the short term altering our
behavior in an effort to change things for the
better. Until there is a vaccine few if any of
us are safe. All are potential targets. Reason
enough to play by the rules between now and
then. Stuck in purgatory until a cure arrives.
Therefore for now patience is all we're got.