Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Closed door policy  
More than a few friends have suggested that
this period of purgatory just may change our
world. In the end said haphazard hiatus may
be deemed good or bad depending on one's
perspective. Yet social distancing hasn't kept
us away from social media. Thus as usual the
outer fringes on both sides continue to spew
rumors, mistruths, and crazy stuff. The good
news is that most of us seem somehow able
to ignore all that. Focusing instead on filling
the ever growing gap between us and those
we know and love. Could there be a chance
that some good may come out of all of this?!
Far from heaven
Staying close to home hasn't been all that hard
for Frank and myself. In part given that even
in "normal" times we tend to stick to ourselves.
Fortunately we prefer each other's company to
most others. However living in crisis mode has
caused me to reconsider not living closer to my
offspring. As I grow older it seems that absence
truly does make my heart grow fonder. So while
FaceTime and other modern marvels insure that
we maintain constant contact, it's not the same
as a hug. Hence this time away from it all has
put me in the traveling mood. Therefore I plan
to visit my kids as soon as I'm actually able to.
Exit strategy
Therefore my virus purgatory may be worth
the time and effort. In that it reinforces that
time is precious. Along with that however
we may try to plan for the future, caprice can
defer is from all that we value. Yesterday
I watched one of my fav flicks Mrs. Miniver
for the thousandth time. Striking a cord in
new ways given our war" against Covid 19.
Next Queen Elizabeth gave the sort of speech
that inspires one to greater things. A reminder
that civilization has survived pestilence before.
Only to be all better for it. Well now... isn't
that something to seriously think about?!