Wednesday, April 8, 2020


I'm adopted. 
My parents and I lacked any sort of blood
connection. Even today I know very little
of my natural roots. What makes me... me.
Yet ultimately I was still able to do what
came naturally. Hence even if one doesn't
have all the answers, we all can find our
place in this world. Being raised a WASP
came with an array of privileges but it was
boring. Whereas from my limited sphere
of influence my Jewish friends seemed to
have it all. The reality is that their lives
seemed deeper, richer, and more unique.
Leaving me to feel I'd been passed over...

Totally cool...
What was it that made
them so special? Their
mother's were chic.
Their homes bigger.
Their cars flashier.
Their families quite
funny. And their food

So special...
It was obvious their
families loved life.
Thus each day was
a celebration. From
Friday nights to a
Catskill vacation
to Hebrew School.
Why can't I?
At age thirteen I had
a "hissy fit". All of
my friends were to
have Bar Mitzvahs
so why not me? So
my Mother firmly
reminded me that
Protestants were at
best confirmed. No
party... no cash.
At that point I knew nothing
of anti-semitic prejudice. My
parent's circle included Jews,
Blacks, and all variations in
between. At school, nobody
talked about the Holocaust.
So I was naive and ignorant.
Now I get it.
Later on I learned the shocking facts
of prejudice, murder, and exclusion.
Why would anybody hurt the coolest
folks in town? Were they fools? It
wasn't until years later after I came
out that I came to understood my
Jewish friends. My transition from
straight to gay meant that I lost some
of my civil rights. Suddenly I wasn't
an equal - I was an anomaly. I felt
the pain of being excluded. Driving
minorities like we to either hide or
celebrate how different we truly are.

A changing world
This year Passover and Easter have
one thing in common. Normally we
gather as communities of faith and
families. During these times all that
we once took for granted seems to
be gone. However we have much
to celebrate. The difference being
when, where, and how we do just
that. Rather than sulk, set the table.
Serve something fab. Feel the joy.
Knowing that with patience and
resolve we will survive this crisis.
Remember it's been done before.