Saturday, April 4, 2020


Different strokes for...
It's easy to be overwhelmed. Especially when
confronted by the ever changing challenges
of Covid 19 on a daily basis. Our spheres of
influence grow smaller and smaller. Therefore
many are doing whatever they can to control
what they can control. To ease our frenzied
fears. Soothe our souls. And animate what
at times can seem a quite mundane existence.
As I talk to those I know and love it's apparent
that "one size fits all" isn't the solution. Each
of our coping mechanisms are as diverse as
we are. Proof that "to each their own" isn't a
cliche'. But sage "shelter in place" advice.
Doing what comes naturally
As usual my daughters inspire. In Chicago my
youngest "M" is housebound with three kids.
Two and four year old boys and a husband on
hiatus. Having to wait in a line - in the rain -
with six feet between others - for an hour -
just to shop at Trader Joes isn't pleasant. Yet
time outs are keeping them sane. Every day
they leave the house and explore someplace
new. Googling obscure green spaces only to
have the place to themselves. Spending three
to four hours out and about in the fresh air.
Far away from the crowd, corona angst, and
most important unwanted infectious germs.
Up north in Michgan the news only seems to
get worse. However not at my eldest child's
"ranch." "E"and her family are using this time
to clean out their two plus acres. Unearthing
decades of prior owner's debris. Along with
pruning, clipping, and trimming away years
of neglect. All in preparation for cultivating
a mega vegetable garden that will insure they
are well fed. No matter who hoards. Working
together to make the best of what is obviously
a bad situation. And in the process, spending
quality family time during some of the most
trying times in a century. And their lives...
Rise and shine
As I've shared with many friends my approach
is slightly different. When times get tough we
crave comfort. As in comfort food. Along with
preparing our meals I've been baking a different
cake every week. While certainly not good for
our waistlines it's food for our souls. Meanwhile
I'm able to do all of the things I've put off. Like
doing the business books. Cleaning the house.
And polishing the silver. Somehow having the
house shiny and bright improves my outlook.
How are you coping on a daily basis? Just try
to remember that it's the little things that make
a BIG difference. And this too shall pass...