Monday, April 20, 2020


Fools on parade
At this point we all want out. Post having been
cooped up in our homes for more than a month
our Pavlovian reaction is to rebel. Some even
arguing that freedom is worth any lives lost in
the process. In the last days gathering in groups
to protest laws put into use for their own good.
And while ignorance may be bliss, the concept
that some idiot in a MAGA hat could endanger
the health and safety of others disgusts me. All
one has to do is look at the pictures of recent
cluster "#*cks" to see what is really going on.
That the lowest common denominator wants to
take us down with them. And how sick is that?

Live free or die?
Does anybody really think that Mr. Trump and
his urbane conservatives relate to any of those
idiots doing their bidding? What is obvious is
that once again the master of mass manipulation
is using a health crisis to his political advantage.
With little to no concern about leading his rabid
lambs to slaughter. All as he tweets a plethora
of mixed messages that muddy the waters. Not
only is our ability to test the threat of Covid 19
compromised, but Mr. Trump's inability to lead
threatens life itself. Instead the President of the
United States encourages the fringe to foolishly
revolt rather than actually play it safe.

Self help guide
As oft suggested, all good things come to those
who wait. That is if we live long enough to see
results. Once Trump's veil of smoke and mirrors
has lifted we will finally see who the real threat
was. As in his innate inability to embrace truth.
The difference is that in times of Covid crisis -
Mr. Trump's erratic commitment to honesty has
endangered the lives of those he has sworn to
protect. Vivid proof that the only way to make
America great again is to rid ourselves of the
viral threat that currently sits in the oval office.
The best vaccine for our sickness being a new
president. One with our best interests at heart.