Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Paradise lost
No place is perfect. Even the most sylvan of
settings - southern California - is plagued by
smog, quakes, fire, and slides. Therefore in
essence, we all must go through our requisite
"winter" of discontent. In central Montana
our big chill lasts from sometime in October
through early May. Hence like it or not, we
have no option but to put up with whatever
Mother Nature decides to dump on us. That
is except for the snowbirds. Those lucky few
who escape the season's worst by traveling
south. Where given timing is everything, the
weather is much better in comparison.
Storm surge
What could possibly be better than savoring
sunny seventies while it's snowing and ten
below back home. However for those who
call said temporal nirvanas home, they're just
like all places. And at some point the weather
dramatically shifts against their favor. Every
place must suffer seasonal consequences. Be
it Arizona in August or Miami Beach amidst
a monsoon. Which means that each year we
all must make do and adjust to the worst of
circumstances. Which is not just a test of our
patience but a testament to our adaptability.
Helpful given all to soon, this too shall pass.
Snow daze
Each winter I encourage my readers and myself
to appreciate the here and now. While my body
rebels more each year, I still appreciate winter.
Which seems to be the only time when I'm able
to actually accomplish something. Last week
I touched up nicks and spots across the house.
Fixed a faulty light switch. Reorganized some
paperwork. Checking off a variety of "to do's"
long overlooked. All that plus shoveling us out
several times. And somehow, I feel better than
I would on some far away beach. Finding that
in all actuality the majority of my best of times
have occurred while I'm stuck out in the cold.
Ship of fools
It could be worse. A few months ago Frank and
I seriously considered taking an extended asian
cruise. On a boat named the Diamond Princess.
Which means that right now Frank and I might
have been quarantined. Either on-board in Japan
or on some base in Nebraska. Proving that just
when you think you're escaped reality, fate is
ready to bitch slap in a second. Something tells
me those weary travelers wish they'd just stayed
home. Which is exactly where I plan to remain
until the spring thaw arrives. Grateful for my
hibernation well spent. And ready to enjoy our
limited time in the sun if... and when it arrives!