Friday, February 21, 2020

Can a leopard change his spots?

Spot removers
We all try to hope for the better. And yet all too
often we give others the benefit of our doubt.
Hoping against hope that somehow when faced
with challenges they will change for the better.
Only to find that in truth, they are who they are.
Hence while capable of subtle evolution, most
of us simply can't change. Nor do many want
to. Instead they are perfectly happy in their own
skin. Incapable of truly changing - even if they
wanted to. Thus while some convicted criminals
can be rehabilitated others can't. The difference
being a good person gone bad versus visa versa.
Good gone bad versus pure, unadulterated evil.
Adult education
Some never learn their lessons. Not because
we're ignorant. Nor resistant to illumination.
Rather our inability to gain further wisdom
is limited by an unwillingness to embrace
alternatives. Hence a lethal combination of
ignorance and arrogance prohibits further
self-improvement. Thus even if our hope is
that some folks will change they're incapable
of doing just that.  Therefore if anybody is to
blame for our resulting disappointment it is
ourselves. Dreaming an impossible dream is
foolhardy at best. Especially given the odds
are most certainly against us.
Change for change's sake
As proven by Donald Trump's behavior post
his impeachment exoneration. Rather than
regretting his prior misdeeds, he feels fully
empowered to do whatever he likes. Such
bad behavior being nothing new. So why are
we surprised? He is who he is. And isn't it
time that all of us faced that fact. The same
applies to his potential presidential foes.
Bernie is simply a curmudgeon. Elizabeth
has always been the smartest Pollyanna in
the room. Mike has spent his life trying to
overcompensate for his shortcomings. Joe
is a nice guy ready to accept sloppy seconds.
Reality check please
Pete is the smartest guy in the room and knows
it. Amy assumes that her hard work and good
intentions will ultimately be rewarded. The list
goes on and on. So rather than be distracted,
isn't it time that we face reality? Assuming it
is what it is, we can't afford to waste time. If
only the choice were simpler but it never is.
So do us all a favor. Step back and seriously
consider your options. Embrace each candidate
for who they truly are. Not what you hope they
can become. That's the only way to narrow the
field, limit our options, and move on to victory.
Whoever you choose, be real.