Monday, February 24, 2020


Half baked ideas
I completely understand that there is a right
way to do everything. The question is whose
way?! Yesterday I hit to
watch a video. There a very fastidious host
taught me how to make a "cake strip." Which
when wrapped around one's cake layer pans
insures even cooking sans "dark" edges. And
a flat versus dome topped outcome. A remedy
that in theory makes sense. Except for those
who love said burnt parts. Hence while I am
certain he knows what he's doing, it's simply
not something I need nor want to do. Causing
me to wonder who is right or who is wrong?
House rules
My husband tends to maintain high standards
of execution in the oddest of things. Therefore
he's attempted over the years to direct me in
his right of way. However, all too often I beg
to differ. Suggesting that there isn't just one
correct or improper way to getting things done.
Rather how one gets from here to there must
be a matter of personal choice. In that some
approaches may be effective for you and yet
disastrous for me. Thus to each his own has
become the rule of this house. At least as long
as Frank isn't looking. Maybe some day I will
learn my lesson. Whatever that is!
Basic instinct
Like most men I rarely read the instructions.
Opting to do it myself whatever the outcome.
At times said approach yields the right results.
Yet all too often I end up accepting that others
know better. And doing exactly what I'm told
step by step. Is my primal urge to still rebel the
manifestation of deep, dark urges? Does my
inner cave man force me to purposefully color
outside of life's lines? To follow my own path
even if that means a major detour? After a
lifetime of struggling with the status quo I've
found that I'm best left to my own devices.
Meaning this writer must learn the hard way.
Recipe for success
Fortunately it's rare that innocent bystanders are
negatively impacted by said stubbornness. Thus
while it takes me longer to get where I'm going,
I still reach my destination. Equally important,
at this point in life I'm more than willing to give
others some wiggle room. Allowing them the
benefit of my doubt. We can and should learn
from each others mistakes. Therefore instead of
myopically dictating one course of action, I opt
to maintain an open mind. And that hopefully if
things go well learn something new along the
way. So I'll continue to follow my own path of
least resistance. Viva la difference!