Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Bearly there...
As time passes, my evolution as a gay man
has transformed me from peacock to bear.
Sadly my added girth is not the reason I'm
simpatico with my furry friends. Rather it's
because lately, all I want to do is SLEEP.
No matter the time of day, I suddenly drift
off to dreamland. Which makes sense given
winter is my most sedentary time each year.
Is that what has driven me over the edge into
hibernation mode? Or am I bored? Getting
old? Depressed? Or just a drowsy melange
of the above? Is this just a temporary hiatus
until I finally reach my spring awakening?
Rise and shine?
Presidential antics aside, it's quite easy to drift
off amidst CNN's endless swirl. Hence I could
blame my catatonic state on "fake" news itself.
Occasional Democratic debate wake up calls
aside, it would be much easier to sleep this one
out. Until we end up with one option. However
with Russian meddling, Trumpian buffoonery,
and public infighting it's hard to tune out. What
is keeping me asleep these days? It isn't as if
I don't have things to do. Every day I ponder
our silver and consider giving it a good polish.
Thinking that might possibly be the only way
to shine during these darkest of days.
Bedtime snacks
With plenty of time on my hands I should be
able to accomplish great things. Yet the daily
grind of existing gets in the way. Every day
I confront the same challenge. Which is what
am I going to make for dinner. A task that is
NOT rote given my beloved is easily bored
when it comes to culinary pursuits. Thus I've
been trying lots of new recipes with varying
degrees of success. Which alone should be
more than enough mental stimulation to keep
me up to the challenge. But I find the task of
cleaning up after ourselves beyond boring.
Ample motivation to sleep this one out.
Wake up call?
The art of daily maintenance provides ms with
ample cause to rise to the occasion. However
I've come to the conclusion that dusting is an
exercise in futility. And vacuuming SUCKS.
Said endless cycle of dishing the dirt makes
me little more than a repeat offender. Hence
rather than battle the inevitable, why can't one
step aside and take a nap? Somehow life seems
much more promising post a snooze. Even if
that means it's time to do the laundry. Or to face
the most egregious of tasks - grocery shopping.
I guess all of the above are necessary evils. Like
making one's bed... and then sleeping in it.