Friday, February 28, 2020


Factitious disorder
As Coronavirus spreads across the world
America is confronted with more than a
pandemic. Rather it's further evidence of
our national crisis. One which prohibits
us from trusting anything our President
says. Mr. Trump is asks us to trust him
post years of falsehoods, deception, and
blatant lies. Stating that America has little
to no risk of infection. That a vaccine is
imminent. Hoping spring weather might
magically end the threat. Naming a puppet
politician as our Coronavirus expert. And
asking us to believe his false diagnosis.
Prognosis - negative
While many of us have feared the worst since
Donald Trump assumed power, that was much
ado about nothing. His threats to democracy,
judiciary, and world leadership worrisome,
they were no immediate threat to our health
or safety. Now it's obvious that Mr. Trump's
smoke and mirrors stand between us and our
literal survival. Rather than worry about the
fate of those he serves, his primary concern is
how this health crisis impacts his re-election.
His reaction being to treat this like any other
political threat. Claiming anything else but the
truth in order to heal his self-inflicted wounds.
Truth serum
Given Mr. Trump's disingenuous history, we
cannot take him at his word. Yet all is not lost.
As Trump's acolytes offer faux reassurance
medical experts speak the truth. Tempering
dysfunctional deception with their actionable
assessments. Times of crisis are opportunities
for greatness. Hence while the bottom may be
falling out of the stock market, there is hope.
Has the truth finally found Donald Trump out?
Exposing him for the megalomaniacal charlatan
that he truly is? Ultimately this crisis may be
good for us. In that now we can seem Trump
or who he is. And cure our ills this November.