Saturday, February 29, 2020


Winner takes all
Over a decade ago I couldn't fathom why any
sane person would bother. However my CEO
had decided our company should sponsor the
national Monopoly game (sweepstakes). Post
months of working with our partners the "game
board" was designed, prizes defined, marketing
efforts planned. Soon thereafter we were ready
to let the game begin. And even while I didn't
participate in the resulting frenzy, it was a great
success. Who knew that someday I would join
the fun? By playing "Monopoly" at my grocer.
Hoping that just maybe I would win millions as
I clipped my coupons. Could I finally win big?
Lucky lady
Why is it that even the smartest of us assume
that we alone can beat the odds? While never
a gambler, I'll admit that I've bought myself
the random Power Ball ticket. And every time
I truly believed that I would be the one to win.
Such delusions aside, I've obviously never hit
the jackpot. Yet some are just inherently lucky.
My mother-in-law was one of those lucky few.
Winning almost every time she played for cash
at our local casino. Yet years ago I embraced
the fact that all too often I end up the biggest
loser. Subsequently learning how to limit my
gambling forays to breakeven at worst.
Game on!
Money isn't everything. However in theory
it can make dreams come true. The problem
is that instant gratification is temporal by its'
very nature. Here today, and gone tomorrow.
Like everything in life, even free cash comes
with a price attached. Thus while a sudden
windfall may be thrilling, carefully investing
in one's future is much wiser. Thus beyond
supermarket Monopoly my thrills will be
limited to Wall Street and auction houses.
Happy to slowly but surely win some, lose
some. And quite blessed to enjoy a winning
combination of a health, love, and happiness!