Saturday, October 13, 2018


Scare tactic
I hate to admit it but I get scared rather easily.
Some might call me "jumpy" given my worst
fault is the ability to be startled anytime and
anywhere. Whether that's due an overdose of
self absorption or isolationism - my world can
be very small. Said myopia making me the
perfect target for any interloper who is ready
and able to rattle my cage. To be clear, post
any impromptu prompt - I can easily jump at
least two to three feet into the air and scream
like a little girl. But lately it isn't those near
or dear who pop my cork. Rather it's forces
far beyond my control that truly terrify me.
Naughty or nice?
Many are easily taken by surprise.
Whether said violated solitude is
due to ignorance or bliss you can
call us Pollyannas. We expect the
best from everyone thus when we
are confronted with reality, we're
startled at the fact that some people
aren't who we assumed they were.
Yet somehow we still believe in
the goodness of others. Is such
naïveté an exercise in futility or
optimism? Either way there's a
lesson to be learned... somehow.
Life sucks 
Our political process is proof there's
rarely a silver lining. Most of us are
rather tarnished. That's the reason to
increase our engagement. In theory
I have no hidden agendas. However
I actually have a passion for all sorts
of causes. Thus rather than leave my
fate to the votes of others I've opted
to become an active American versus
innocent bystander. But if you really
want the life sucked out of you... why
not join the process. Where you'll be
certain to encounter many monsters.
Monster mash
Good or bad motivations aside, there
are certain people who act in a rather
terrifying manner. Said behavior is
either lauded or abhorred depending
on what side of the tongue lashing
you're on. Political schisms aside, we
must work together otherwise nothing
happens. The mystery is, why do we
accept inertia or negative momentum
as a viable political outcome? To me
being dragged down by complaisance
is the most terrifying of any fates. So
why do we allow others to hurt us?
Misery loves company
The majority of us are chickens yet
at some point we all try to escape
the harsh realities of life. That's why
many consider viewing unspeakable
acts performed on the movie screen
a viable form of entertainment. If
your boss sucks the life out of you,
why not spend your Saturday night
watching Dracula do the same to
some innocent soul? If married to a
devil, somehow one feels better in
knowing there's innocent ingenue
who is also stuck with a deadbeat.
Safety in numbers?
Europeans tend to look at American
movie violence with chagrin. Their
films offer fantasy not reality. That
may be the ultimate in escapism yet
I doubt most of us prefer death and
destruction to sheer delight. We've
all become conditioned to violence.
So much so that almost any disaster
is but another blip on our phone, TV
or laptop. And post viewing the gore
we move on as if nothing happened.
Hence why should we be surprised
when some claim things are just fine?
Believe it or not
I don't know about you but I'm scared
Our country has no problem judging
the errs of other governments. All as
our President boldly lies and he tries
to alter the course of America in his
favor. Some attempt to alter our laws
in the name of religion. Descendants
of immigrants want to keep newbies
out. The immoral majority feel they
have a right to limit the right to "kill"
while giving gun owners a license to
do just that. Most terrifying is many
seem unable to tell right from wrong.

The dark side
Modern monsters are everywhere. Rather
than creatures from Transylvania - there
are a plethora of manufactured terrorists
being nurtured throughout this land. It's
easier to step back instead of leaping to
the fore. That's what I find so terrifying.
Who wants to be tricked versus treated
with respect? Instead of hiding behind
masks we must openly hold each other
accountable. Ultimately we all get a vote.
Rather than allow evil to lurk in the dark,
let's turn on the lights and expose those
monsters for who they really are! BOO!