Friday, October 5, 2018

If at first you don't succeed...

Sixth sense
Election Day 2018 is basically a month away.
On Tuesday November 6th, many Americans
will impact the future of this democracy via
casting their votes. However sadly, no matter
how important their vote may be - historical
precedence shows 40% of eligible Americans
at best will do the deed. No matter what side
you're on, this year's mid-terms could be the
most important of our lives. In part because
having learned the hard way many of us now
know that our votes CAN make a difference.
The question is are we committed enough to
our electoral process to actually participate.
All for one
I don't care what you believe. Nor which side
you fall on. I have absolutely NO patience for
anyone complaining about our political process
when in reality, they don't vote. In essence such
hypocrites have no one to blame for what ails
them but themselves. Hence casting oneself as
the victim of evil forces beyond one's control
is a falsehood at best. That's because opting
out of our electoral process simply empowers
those who do. Many of whom have some sort
of aggressive agenda that drives them to the
polls. Thus on November 6th every American
has just two choices. STEP UP... or SHUT UP.
More or less
National Voter Registration Day was just
held on September 25th. The good news
is that over eight hundred thousand of us
registered. A number that surpasses the
previous record for the 2016 Presidential
election. So is it possible that more of us
are taking this electoral cycle seriously?
Or realizing that who is in control is all
that matters. And that complaining about
those we put into office does nothing. My
hope is that a record number of women,
minorities, and younger folks will take
this chance to have THEIR voices heard.
Out of the mouth of babes
I recently encouraged my youngest daughter and
son-in-law to register to vote. In part given that
I know how they feel and where they stand. But
more important - that the future of their two sons
lies in the balance. To their credit they registered.
Now they can be full participants in charting the
course for our country. My question is how many
others are just like them? Young, passionate, and
highly opinionated Americans who simply don't
think their opinions matter. Or worse are willing
to allow others to do their dirty work. The good
news is that now they can ACTIVELY engage!
But what about the other sixty percent of you?
Every vote counts
Your vote on November sixth matters. As a
reminder - Hillary Clinton won the popular
vote by two point eight million Americans
over Mr. Trump. Capturing forty eight point
two versus his forty six point one percent.
Yet she lost. In the end, a narrow margin of
EIGHTY THOUSAND voters in Michigan,
Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin enabled him
to win the electoral college. So if you think
your vote doesn't matter - think again. And
while you're at it... imagine where we might
be today had more folks like you cast their
votes. Don't make the same mistake again.