Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Exercise in utility
Do you often have days that you consider total
failures? Twenty four hour spans that result in
little of consequence, value, let alone anything
productive? On those kind of days most of us
would love to remain in bed with the covers up
over our heads. However life being what it is...
we somehow get up, get out, and get through it.
On the other hand, how often do you have days
that truly end with a sense of accomplishment.
Moments of complete gratification. Times that
you truly feel pride in a job well done. Even if
all you did was clean the garage, do six loads
of laundry, or finally change that lightbulb.
From the skillet to the fire
Running through the daily motions of life in
and of itself can be all consuming. No wonder
one's daily tasks required to do so become rote.
Thus while one may accomplish many things
each day, somehow making the bed or cooking
supper rarely feels like life's supreme triumph.
Maybe that's why the little things, the tidbits
checked off one's "honey do" list take on even
greater importance. All because in order to get
additional tasks done we must go above and
beyond our standard responsibilities. A feat
that may not seem to require extra effort yet
is truly a challenge of Herculean proportions.
On a roll
Who knew that the simple act of living would
require so much time and effort? Yet unless
one takes a vacation - it's hard to escape the
monotony that keeps things moving. Beyond
keeping a roof over one's head we also must
insure we're fed and clothed. But it's the little
things that constantly require our attention.
And while few of us sweat over such small
stuff like keeping the toilet dispenser full, it
all adds up. Then theres the irritating fact that
most of us have to work for a living. Hence
by the day's end most of us are completely
exhausted. And glad that another day is over.
Secret recipe
I don't know about your but periodically life
stops me in my tracks. And wonder what it
would be like if I simply stopped doing...
everything? All too soon our yard would be
as forlorn as the one across the street. Yet
while our neighbor obviously has no pride,
I wonder if he has no stress as a result of
relinquishing all responsibility. Might it be
that those who opt out are not outcasts but
geniuses in disguise? Have they figured out
the magic formula to self fulfillment? Is pure
bliss as simple as NOT doing one's laundry?
Could hoarding be the key to happiness?
A job well done
In the end I know we all battle demons. Those
that do and those who don't. So while in theory
it may seem that less is more... finding one's
sweet spot is up to the individual to discover...
more or less. For some that may be an endless
stream of tasks, chores, and jobs. For others,
it's that glass of vino at the end of each day.
What's important is rewarding ourselves for
a job well done. Which might be as simple as
knowing that all is right with YOUR world.
Ultimately life's greatest accomplishment is
surviving each day. And if that's all there is...
theres time to check off your list tomorrow!