Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Free fall
Part of me doesn't want to admit that winter
is looming on the horizon. Sunday we start
daylight savings time. A seasonal shift that
I resist but embrace each autumn. While we
"gain" an hour, our mornings become all the
darker. A phenomena I struggle with. As an
early riser, I love those quiet hours before the
rest of the world is out and about. However
doing so in the dark is all the harder versus
by dawn's early light. Fortunately once the
sun rises it's inevitably accompanied by blue
skies here in Montana. Which if nothing else
is a daily reminder of why I love this place.
Delayed reaction
I must admit that I've been dragging my heels.
Rather than embrace fall fashion I still haven't
transitioned my closet. In part because doing
so insures my outlook will be drabber for the
next six months at least. Fortunately Mother
Nature been on our side enabling us to clean
up the yard and prepare our gardens for their
long winter hibernation. However for many
reasons we've resisted moving in our outdoor
seating. Hoping against hope that there might
be a few days left to enjoy a libation under the
trees. A fantasy given temperatures are falling.
Thus we must celebrate autumn while it lasts.
New and improved
Back in New York I couldn't wait for the fall
season. The city cooled off as folks returned
from their summer getaways. Soon the social
season came back in full force. Everywhere
there was a sense of relief mixed with a thrill
of newness. Once the thermometer hit below
seventy one could finally trot out their new
fall wardrobe, shoes, and accessories. People
started to entertain. Opera and philharmonic
seasons started anew. And all of the museums
premiered their new exhibits. Hence autumn
in New York is all about RENEWAL. While
it's the opposite vibe here in Montana.
Exit strategy
If nothing else autumn in Montana is all about
hunkering down and preparing for the worst.
Dread is mixed with reluctant resignation and
relief depending on where crop and livestock
prices landed. Fall and winter are times for our
agricultural community to "chill." Aside from
winter wheat, the angst, fear, and folly of the
growing season is over. Meanwhile hunting
season is in full force. However that will end
all too soon. Hence I find myself feeling very
different about autumn here versus there. And
while it's obviously a different feeling, it isn't
necessary a negative phenomena.
Blue sky theory
With the holidays looming even Montanans
will be rather busy for the next two months.
However once the new year arrives, we will
have nothing left to do but turn inward and
cocoon. Something that I look forward to.
Winter in Montana is if nothing else a time
of self renewal. A weather imposed hiatus
that forces everyone to hunker down and
stay close to home. Or escape to a warmer
climate. Either way there is an element of
indulgence to the impending cold season.
So rather than dread it, I'm excited for next.
Spring will be here before we know it!