Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Alternative address?
The other day I joked with a friend. Suggesting
that if things keep going the way they're going,
we might move out of the country. However in
truth, I wasn't joking. One of both Frank and
my greatest fantasies is escaping to some far
off land. One where the dollar easily multiplies
and everything is beautiful, elegant, exotic, and
quite affordable. While such escapism may be
fantasy, we still dabble with dreaming of it all
becoming a reality. The question is why, when,
and where? Would we be happier any where
else? Or would the realities of life invade even
the most glorious of paradise? Can we escape?
New in town?
Sans the aid of chemicals - the grass isn't any
greener elsewhere. Hence while one's outlook
may initially seem improved when viewing
new horizons, nirvana is a fantasy at best. Or
is it? Rationalizations aside, could it be that
there is heaven on earth? Are we missing an
elusive paradise waiting to be discovered?
Skeptical by my very nature, I can't help but
wonder if there isn't a better way. Or if I'm
really honest, a much, much EASIER way.
Rural Montana was our way to escape the
big apple. However like all else - what's new
becomes rote once reality inevitably sinks in.
Garden of good and evil
You see - one must plant, fertilize, weed, and
water the roses prior to stopping and smelling
them. And even if inordinately rich, one must
hire someone to make sure that happens. And
so, there is no perfect place. No guaranteed
release from all responsibility. Rather where
we are, what we do, whom we choose to be,
comes with an appropriate amount of chores,
tasks, and what not. All of which is beyond
a wake up call. Instead it's an endless to-do
list that never ceases to engage. Thus unless
one is a comatose vegetable on life support,
we've all got some sort of job to do... now!
Running on empty?
Wanderlust is in essence escapism on the run. Yet
friends if we're honest, there is no escape. Even
irresponsibility requires more than the minimum
level of responsibility. After all if one is running
away it's necessary that one books their tickets or
fills the tank. And insure your passport is updated.
Or find a spot to lay their head. Hence even when
living on the lam - one still has to give a damn.
The reality of which reminds us ALL that life is
a responsibility in and of itself. So why fight it?
Is it possible to pack lightly as one carries their
life's burdens? Proving that in the end we each
choose what we bring along life's journey.
Oh baby...
With few exceptions we have nobody to blame
but ourselves. Each and every burden is the end
result of a choice we made long ago. Hence a
capricious fling turns into a baby. Who evolves
to a toddler, teen, college student, and middle
aged hack. And finally one's caregiver. Every
step, hassle, joy and sorrow occurs because we
made it happen to begin with. So if you don't
like that big house, remember the day you fell
in love with it. If you hate your job, try to recall
why you needed it in the first place. The fact is
we can't run away from our reality given it's all
our doing. So stop fooling around. Deal with it.