Monday, September 24, 2018


Sunrise... sunset
If you're like me, most mornings are full of
optimism. Post the sometimes challenging
process of brewing that first cup of coffee,
time seems to be on your side. Hence as the
sun dawns, a spirit of positivity and caffeine
fuels my outlook. And yet in what may seem
just a few minutes later, the sun has set and
I've yet to accomplish half of whatever was
on my list. And it's times such as that when
one is befuddled, bemused, and confused.
Wondering exactly what the title of today's
blog states. Could it be that time flies? Or
that there aren't enough hours in the day?
Limited visibility
My problem is that it's too easy to be distracted.
Every morning I catch up on the news reading
postings from the top "papers". However I've
learned that if I want to accomplish anything,
I absolutely CANNOT turn on the television.
Otherwise I'm sucked into the vortex of daily
foolishness coming out of Washington D.C.
However self imposed spam filters aside, one
can't control who puts what in your in-box. Thus
invariably the contents thereof include a wrench
that will drive you nuts. And by the time you've
put out that fire, it's time for your first cocktail!
Anything to distract you from the days failures!
Week to weak
Most of us do our best in an attempt to be
productive. Especially on Mondays which
if nothing else are time to catch up post the
weekend's respite. Unfortunately there are
only so many hours in a day. Thus once you
finally get caught up, it's time to go home.
The good news is that by Friday night you
may have your act together. The bad news
is there are four more workdays until then.
So we slog along through the flotsam and
jetsam of life itself. Slowly gaining traction.
That is until an emergency throws our best
laid plans aside for alternative priorities.
Time management
Given misery loves company, it's affirming that
almost every one will feel cheated at some point
today. That is except for those with NO hidden
agenda. Instead they go with the flow, hope for
the best, and still somehow get the job done. I
can't help but envy them. Even in "retirement"
I can't seem to stop adding too much ado about
nothing to my to-do list. After all, the world isn't
going to stop if I don't make applesauce today.
Assuming that the same applies to every task at
hand, isn't it time we gave ourselves a break?
After all tomorrow is another day. So chances
are... it can... and will wait! Happy Monday!